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July 2016
British Auto Service:  Irish


There are few mechanics who will even touch a British car. Usually owners resort to a dealership servicing their vehicle, which can be costly. British Auto Service is the perfect alternative. They're more affordable than a dealership, sometimes even half the cost. British Auto Service approached us with a challenge to raise awareness to this fact on a low budget. We created these posters and placed them in high, foot traffic areas around Milwaukee. Since the posting of the posters British Auto Service has had an increase of new customers.

Print advertisement created by STIR, United States for British Auto Service, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: STIR, Milwaukee, USA
Creative Director: Steve Koeneke
Art Director: Brian Steinseifer
Copywriter: Steve Koeneke
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jszczepaniak's picture

This is really insensitive, and thus doesn't even begin to approach "clever". The issues between Ireland and England are not petty. They are serious business. You might as well have an ad for Greyhound that says "Why did the Blacks rise up against the white oppressive institutions? Ever sit on the back of a bus?!" ...yeah, it's not funny, and its not original. The other ads were fine. Why on earth did they make this one?

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sloppy4's picture

what, you grew up in belfast?

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RebeccaR's picture

It's not really like that, is it? It's not a big deal is it? Did I miss something.

Another thought. Isn't the latter line a question? I don't really understand.

And another one. DO the Irish hate the Brits? (Even Northern Ireland - who are *technically* Brits.)

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Publicis |


special k's picture

not funny

special k
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Creative Director
efox5's picture

I can't fully understand it but at least the art direction is great!

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ackattak's picture

I somewhat agree with jszczepaniak...the issues between Loyalists and Republicans is a touchy subject, even still. I recently spent some time in Belfast and that place is still a mess. Also, is it just me or are both those lines missing question marks?

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sloppy4's picture

yeah, punctuation is a mess. trying a bit hard.

but the politics of this you guys are blowing out of proportion. it's a print ad that will appear in the window of the garage in milwaukee. they'll laugh - maybe - and forget about it.

and who's it being insensitive to? a historical situation?

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proscriptus's picture

So you're pitching your client as an alternative to all those American MG dealerships?

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Neil Levy's picture

the irish comment is a fair point. that's sorta where i was with the "wanker" line. feels surface and as americans we are (were) way, way disconnected from the conflict between Ireland and England. It comes across as a little cheap. although one time i had to push my neighbors mg up a hill so he could start it. now that sucked.

Neil Levy
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neil levy

daydream's picture

you're totally over thinking this. it's a poster for an auto repair shop. i'm guessing the client and has a sense of humor and is not wrapped up in the potential political issues of this headline. plus the art direction helps make it feel light hearted and not political.

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Neil Levy's picture

i don't think it's over think. it's more a question of taste. you can't use that as an argument if that's how someone honestly feels. if people were being bitter and jealous and wishing they'd did the ad and as a result wrote comments that disparaged it that would be one thing. that happens some times on this site. however, in this case, i think people are speaking from their hearts and not from their hate.

Neil Levy
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neil levy

dimwit's picture

racist! but yeah i laugh ...

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