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fashion is about looks, ok. but why posted here?

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There are plenty of fashion post on this site. Do you think they don't belong?

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they certainly belong here!!
fashion is about looks, but one thing is see just a good picture and gorgeous model, and another is seeing this stuff. Or Diesel stuff. Or Benetton stuff (of course, in its good old days). There is a concept behind the looks.
Very well thought and done, a lot of work here!!!!
Kudos Poland.

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very good system work.

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no stress.

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In the other ad ("METRO") I agreed that there is no idea in fashion ads, because the is a popular thought that says "models can´t think".

However, advertising photographers use to have strong concepts for fashion brands like this one. "Models using the brand clothes and doing "risky" things in urban locations". It all depends on what the brand had asked to look like.

They are very good.

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veeery cool!

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Just gorgeous models and a wonderful montage :S. The ad doesn't say much to me.

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Where is the concept......Good models only....

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<<.... Method in Madness ....>>

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Its nice art work, great execution but i feel the product is lost in the entire picture.

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Snaking seatbelt suspension bridges fashionman! That's a cool pic.

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