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June 2008
Boston Public Library:  Face


Advertising Agency: A&G, Massachusetts, U.S.A
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Print advertisement created by A&G, United States for Boston Public Library, within the category: Professional Services.

Art Director: Maureen Metzler
Photographer: Craig Orsini
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krautland's picture

well, she does look rather clueless already.

this campaign is so disappointing. the massive opportunity this was.
I know an infinite number of creatives who would have killed to get that brief.

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Art Director at erm... no calls please.
Alistair C.'s picture

at least the shelves behind look ok, compared to the other execution.

Alistair C.
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Wordnerd's picture

lame strategy to get people back to the libraries. this is supposed to compete with the internet? come on..

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karinova's picture

Wow. This campaign is so incredibly wrong, wrong, wrong. Every one of these ads is a total disaster. If I've got this right, what they're trying to advertise is the fact that the librarians themselves are a valuable resource (if not everywhere, at least at this particular library system). They're not just there to shelve books and shush you, they're well-educated sources of info!

Okay, well: 1) The "Water Cooler Summits" headline makes no sense, and the chaotic shelves certainly don't evoke the rational, organized, trustworthy learning environment that is a library. If this chick can't keep her area any neater than this, I'm going back to Wikipedia. Yes, I guess she's in the unshelved returns room, but... why? 2) Something about the "I Don't Know Face" headline (especially with the model's stoked expression) just... doesn't work. It's like she's bragging about finding a way to AVOID answering questions. And 3) the "Except I'm Right" ad is just plain irritating; I want to smack that guy, not pick his brain. He looks like a smug, tedious smartypants-- the last guy I'd want to approach with a question.

The worst part is that, taken together at first (and second) glance, I was absolutely POSITIVE this was a campaign for some sort of IT consulting company deriding the Dilbert-like attitudes of those "other" IT consultants-- you know, those guys who'll set you up with an army of water cooler time-wasters, militant slackers, and know-it-alls who know nothing, all while billing you by the hour.

What a stupendous miss. Geez.

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halleyscomet's picture

Personally, I'm offended by the ads. They aren't advertising the library, they're making fun of the people who use or work at the library. It's like the setup for a bad Saturday night Live skit about an annoying librarian no one likes, or something the "jocks" in an 80's high school movie would put together to make fun of the "nerds."

I found an interview with the idiot who photographed this mess.

Based on the other photos shown in the Craig Orsini interview, I'd have to say he's one of those "I'm so artistic" types capable of getting the mechanics of a good photo down, but missing out on decent composition.

He clearly has no flair for what makes a good advertisement. He seems to enjoy capturing pathetic futility in his images, something that has sadly come through in his insulting ad campaign for the Boston Public Library.

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