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February 2010
Boots Body Cream:  Knees
Boots Body Cream Print Ad -  Knees


Art Director:Naree Leungvititgoon

Print advertisement created by McCann, Thailand for Boots Body Cream, within the category: Health.


For sexier knees

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director: Santi Suwanvalaikorn
Copywriter: Santi Suwanvalaikorn
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richiethe's picture

Wonderbra did it best.

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RMIT University
yahookendogg's picture

I've seen ads like this before.

Activity Score 5
Art Director at student
Roshan Quintus's picture

what do u mean ?

Roshan Quintus
Activity Score 659
Saatchi & Saatchi - Sri Lanka |

bite me

Adaddicted's picture

you are right, this one looks like fatness and obesity!
Marie Claire was cleverer.

Activity Score 3403
Art Director |


atb2005's picture

Yes, you have :-)

That's hardly a mysterious coincidence. It's funny though that both campaigns were released around the same time (Feb, 2010).

I have to say the breast cancer awareness campaign (the one on Coloribus) is sillier: 2 shaved noggins posing as women's breasts.

6 stars from me for the Sexy knees ad; maybe it's the product that I don't like (sexy legs is one thing, but who needs JUST sexy knees?)

Finally, subtle plagiarism (if such term exists) is one thing; flagrant plagiarism is another. Who copied whom, I don't know.

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chinaski's picture

I'd prefer "for softer knees".

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Roshan Quintus's picture

i like this

Roshan Quintus
Activity Score 659
Saatchi & Saatchi - Sri Lanka |

bite me

ambareesha's picture

whatever it mean. it grabs attention.

Activity Score 249
Graphic Designer |

- @mbi

angieraj's picture

Oh dear .... How does this target women???? I mean I understand they are going for the sex appeal thing, but this is the millenium, do women have to have sexy KNEES to catch men now??
Forget the political issues, the ad itself is eye catching sure, but the message does not resonate.

Activity Score 418
Turrino Advertising LLC |

Cognito Ergo Sum

CopyRight's picture


Activity Score 711
andyStock's picture

I like it, but I would have preferred a bit better copy. After all, I have never looked at anybody and thought 'Ooh, look at their sexy knees'

Activity Score 666
jbuckingham's picture

You should see my knees! ;-)
Don't mind this- there is another recent ad with the same visual pun, but not knees...?

Activity Score 913
Muhammad Imran's picture

hahahahhahaha lol XDXDXD!!!!!! Great ad, just love it...!

Muhammad Imran
Activity Score 614
Art Director at Orbit Advertising |

desiideas's picture

i couldnt make any sense out of the visual. Understood a bit after reading the copy. nothin great though

Activity Score 88
patUDAY's picture

XXXLoved it.

Activity Score 432
Creative Director at Salt Solutions |

UDAYpatwardhan@+91 22 98206 54722

xcreativity's picture

love it!

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=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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satrianee's picture

this one says, your knees would never be sexy if you don't fool people they are your bosoms.

Activity Score 3734
R U serious's picture

Love your comment.

R U serious
Activity Score 406

Say my name, say my name...

AssassinX's picture


It's an ad easily drawing man's attention although it was designed for woman.

Activity Score 1295
michdec's picture

I think this would work better upside down, right now they are reminding me too much of udders

Activity Score 424
Nguyen Thanh Hai's picture


Nguyen Thanh Hai
Activity Score 101
Graphic Designer at Golden Communication Group
Phil Lestino's picture

I have often thought of knees as being neccesary for leg bending but have never considered them as being something to feed babies interesting angle...thank you.

Phil Lestino
Activity Score 1654
silvi's picture

Looks like fat legs, not sexies

Activity Score 4134
jamit12's picture

very common concept. missing the sex appeal...

Activity Score 4
Copywriter at new delhi, persuing my mass com
aaaron's picture

for me: too forced

Activity Score 103
Art Director
imagineit's picture

I like this hehehe

Activity Score 542
richiethe's picture

Wonderbra did it best.

Activity Score 24
RMIT University
bats's picture

its too duhhh!

Activity Score 73
Art Director
MJStinson77's picture

I'm a little tired of seeing things turned into boobs.

Activity Score 591
Copywriter at Erwin-Penland | | | wordjones

pepsitrev's picture

not to bad i liked it but show the feet better it makes us think she is fat

Activity Score 27
General Manager |

pepsi for the 60s generation and still going strong

pepsitrev's picture

yep i agree i thought they were boobs at first glance also. if you are going to make things look like boobs use real boobs for christ sakes.

Activity Score 27
General Manager |

pepsi for the 60s generation and still going strong

SoCH_TO's picture

I Love It !!!

Activity Score 958
Art Director |

Live with Passion

feddy_boo179's picture

a masterpiece ^^

Activity Score 71
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