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chintan ruparel
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~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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what the?

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great, i love the idea and the illustration ,

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great art! the idea is cliché but i guess nobody in the planet (or should i say the boat) has tought about that before, so it's good too.

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Great stuff. Beautiful art direction. Quite familiar somehow, is that the BMW mix your playgrounds that it looks like?.

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Uhhhhhh... This art direction has a lot to talk about...

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not sure about idea, but illustration, art direction is wikd

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hey ivan. just dropping in to say hello

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I really liked it. It got my attention on the first glance.

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it's beautiful, but the idea hobbles. They are more taking the message of greenpeace and other organisations. This arche is full of nations making war and air pollution. Besides you see the cruise missile and 2 fighter jets. Is the arche a metaphor here or just a glimpse into the future, where nations evacuated on this last enclave? At least adidas sponsered them a nice football arena with fireworks and view on the volcanoe.

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impressive at first view even though the perspective looks kind of weird.

the basic idea's clear (ship=environment/earth. when the ship's sinking we're going down with it), but most of the details in this picture are really kind of whatever.
it feels ill-conceived. e.g. assumed that the ship's our environment - what's the sea that surrounds it and where all the sewage water's dumped into?

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Do my bit? What - get a pot and start bailing? It's the wrong tagline for this message. The illustration says "wwe have to start doing something" but "do your bit" means to chip in and give a helping hand - which, in this case, would mean to add to the destruction. It's a huge disconnect.

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"We're all in the same boat." Simple (though cliche) message, with a beautifully complicated visual.

Darrin Stephens
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COOL. I wonder where it goes.

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I think that the main problem is that that ship is not how i percibe the world, in difference to other visual representations like the PS2/head where what i saw inside the head was everything and more of what happens to me when i play, and does not change the way i percibe it.

When you use this execution you have to hit a nerve or it will stay as a beautifull representation of something that aint happening..

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indigineous Tribesman in front of typical housing.

...some things should be outlawed.

it´s been done, already.

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it´s been done, already.

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