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May 2011
Blurb:  Shark


Print advertisement created by Duncan/Channon, United States for Blurb, within the category: Media.


Find your book.

Advertising Agency: Duncan/Channon, San Francisco, CA, USA
Executive Creative Director: Michael Lemme
Creative Director / Art Director: Anne Elisco-Lemme
Creative Director / Copywriter: Parker Channon
General Manager: Andy Berkenfield
Communications Planning Director: Leslie Diard
Director of Integrated Production: Jacqueline Fodor
Senior Account Planner: Eliza Lochner
Account Supervisor: Malia Collins
Communications Planning Supervisors: Laura Davis, Patrick Fenton
Senior Print Producer: Jessea Hankins
Interactive Producer: Matthew Higgins
Digital Artist: Faye Rinkert
Account Executive: Mary Hajek
Photographers: Stacy Newgent, Samuel Tan, Sean Murphy
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Highest Rated

agappehp's picture

I don't understand.

Activity Score 108
Graphic Designer at Ideia Publicidade
rajib kabir's picture

'Find your book'... ok but im not finding here nothing new.

rajib kabir
Activity Score 35
Art Director
Rijesh's picture
Activity Score 14
jackblack's picture

Not good.

Activity Score 2363
Art Director
agappehp's picture

I don't understand.

Activity Score 108
Graphic Designer at Ideia Publicidade
atb2005's picture

A lot of you are accustomed to looking at fancy schmancy artwork with no sales message. Well, this is not fancy, but at least the sales message is there. When looking at these ads, no consumer would think "I've seen this art direction before. It's old, and therefore I don't care for the brand". Lovely copy paired with decent photography.

Activity Score 13547
NataliaLima's picture

Aotw is not for consumers, so we're allowed to look at it from a creative point of view. We're advertisers, not salesperson. Besides, most of those are ads made for advertisers, so critique is welcome.

Activity Score 1378
atb2005's picture

I both agree and disagree. This is a real campaign (not one of those made for awards), so I judge it from the standpoint of a consumer. Will they like it? Will they reject it? I think they will like it.

Activity Score 13547
ace85le's picture

i actually think this is not bad. attention grabbing.

Activity Score 3935
Marketing Manager |


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dean viii's picture

Headline makes no sense. What little concept there is - it's bad. Too much copy that is irrelevant. The photo on top of a photo has been done waaaaay too much. The actual message is buried at the end of copy you don't want to read and far after the headline and visual that are confusing as hell. Trying to support this is a joke.

dean viii
Activity Score 1702
Creative Director
Church Money's picture

I wouldn't read that book.

It seems like down deep there is a decent product with a strong emotional tie to your vacation/memories, etc - but i only get a little bit of that from this ad.

Church Money
Activity Score 76
Art Director
pablito.miuzzato's picture

already done to Stock Photos... but i cant find the link now.

Activity Score 54
Graphic Designer
Ed Rapport's picture

Totally not feeling the headline "Find Your Book," doesn't really hook me.. Body copy is ok.

Ed Rapport
Activity Score 724
Copywriter at Bookshop Ads - Advertising Portfolio Workshop - Copywriting
purshotham's picture


Activity Score 457's picture

so complex
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