Home sweet home, 3

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March 2009
Blue line:  Home sweet home, 3


Print advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Poland for Blue line, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Stop hiding the truth.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Max Olech
Art Directors: Radek Kotapka
Copywriters: Radek Kotapka
Illustrators: Bożena Ślaga
Photographer: Tomek Albin
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palls's picture

"stop hiding the truth"

stop challenging the minds of target audience

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"selling is advertisment"

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Same idea was in Ovid's story of Philomela. So it's old.

The artwork is pretty bad. I would have no idea what it was trying to say without the card at the bottom. Except that I might not really bother to read the card if I'm not intentionally trying to read adverts.

Seriously, without the words I would never figure this out. She's cooking with two pots? There's a vase under a table? Gut-punching a swan? What?

If you want to tell the Philomela story, just tell the Philomela story. It's completely on-message. She escaped the violence of her husband, the gods of Olympus helped her out. Call Blue Line instead of transforming into a nightingale, there you are.

Wordnerd's picture

stop hiding the idea, damnit!

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corndogfuneral's picture

Pretty bad art direction crafting.

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slanny's picture

Sexual advances on your spouse is domestic violence now? Am I missing something?

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The Art Institute of Seattle
missed my turn's picture

Hahaha all I know is that the threatening fist to the crying bird is genius.

missed my turn
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Looks like the idea was force fed into the whole 'embroidery look' which was the trigger in the first place. Execution and the line is a let down.

Dalbir Singh
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john ler's picture

Where's the violence in all of that ? Must be well, really well hidden...

john ler
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take closer look at the ornaments around scene

john ler's picture

Well, actually, I did see these 'ornaments'...
But I mean, come on, a few dick-shape flowers and some crying birds... is that all what domestic violence is about ??

john ler
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Creative Director at Euro RSCG Casablanca, Morocco
elmo141's picture

it OUGHT to look unprofessionally

here you have link to polish handcrafted tapestry, typical decoration in 1950-70's (sometimes even now) in houses of lower class (mainly in the kitchens)


it is some kind of home folklore, like napkin at the top of the tv set or painting with a deer and sunset

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max (olech) sucks big time.

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The "sexual advances" you're talking about is the implication of rape which is a common form of domestic abuse. The crying bird is a metaphor obviously. If you look closely you'll also see the knives among the ornament. So I don't really see what you guys have a hard time understanding.
As a woman, I find these ads simply brilliant and to-the-point cause in case of domestic abuse, hiding is what people tend to do. And these ads are illustrating that. They obviously are not targeted towards the abuser nor the viewers, it is targeted to the abused. And that's why they work so well. But I guess one has to have some sort of sensitivity on these kind of issues to appreciate these ads. Being a macho guy, doesn't really help.

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