Blown Away, Toupee

May 2007
 Blown Away, Toupee
 Blown Away, Toupee


Art directors: Alan Lewus, D.Johnson
Copywriters: Steve Anderson, S.Nel


From 0 to lost toupee in 4.9 seconds. The all-powerful SLK 55 AMG convertible.
Mercedes-Benz - The future of the automobile.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, South Africa
Creative Director: Vanessa Pearson
Photographer: Michael Meyersfeld
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Darrin Stephens's picture

These are actually pretty funny. This kid with the tupee is hilarious.

Darrin Stephens
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Creative Director
helloween's picture

pretty amazing

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Art Director
addyhoch10's picture


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Art Director
ivan's picture

Yes, as it was lost previously. I'm almost complete with all the reposts. Thanks for the patience.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
addyhoch10's picture

thanks for your patience to repost every single one of them! :)

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Art Director
erhanali's picture

A little long copy. Very nice idea.

Activity Score 368
Copywriter |

"Everyday is one short life"

AdvertisingIsNotArt's picture

Are you guys insane??? This campaign is so wrong on so many levels! Just look at. It’s not a clever idea or a great campaign at all.

Here’s the pitch...
Some rich bastard rips through an underdeveloped and impoverished section of what seemingly is South Africa as this is where the agency is, in his brand new SLK 55 AMG convertible.

Here’s the best part...
He’s going so fast that his toupee flies of his head and happens to land on a small, young barefoot child wearing stained and dirty clothing standing outside a derelict and crumbling service station???

Lame! Lame! Lame! This campaign is an insult!

Shame Mercedes Benz! Shame Leo Burnett South Africa!

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Art Director
hang-the-dj's picture

Well put. I concur.

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addyhoch10's picture

yes, they're insulting the poor. and they're portraying their own target group as old snobbish toupee wearers.

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Art Director
Jumo's picture

Simply scandalous !!

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Art Director |


msred's picture

im not excited about the message - snobbish. Insensitive bastards.

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Graphic Designer
FaisalT's picture

I am all for ads that don't show the product but still manage to convey an image, a smart witty image at that. However, I do have to agree with AdvertisingIsNotArt's comment. It is a good image but the message is poorly conveyed and I do agree that it is shameful. The whole campaign seems as it is poking fun at as well as demoralizing the less fortunate.

Activity Score 26
Creative Director |

- Faisal

FatalGhost's picture

I think the ad is hilarious. Although I don't think I'd be driving MY new Benz in Deliverance.

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Graphic Designer
Guest's picture

I hope that this camping is so cruel....... Show persons which never will can buy a mercedes....

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