Oh, that's cool.

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January 2012
BIC:  Oh, that's cool.


Print advertisement created by School of Visual Concepts, United States for BIC, within the category: Office Equipment.


Oh, that's cool.
Bic. A lotta you in every stroke.

Advertising School: School of Visual Concepts, Seattle, WA, USA
Creative: Simson Sam Chantha
Additional credit: Ben Steele
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I really like this campaign because I feel that they hit the nail on the head with the tagline. The written word has so much more personality than the typed. So naturally when you use BIC pens there's "A Whole Lotta You In Every Stroke".

I think it really does a good job at striking an emotion chord with different target audiences as well.

I think that the "Oh, That's Cool" and the "John Hancock" are the two best out of the campaign. The "Oh, That's Cool!" is aimed at the creative/artistic personality, while the "John Hancock" is for the professional who has spent a lot of time practicing and perfecting their signature (Comon, you know we all do it!).

The "Love You Mom, Elliot" ad is targeted at the mother responsible for buying school supplies, so - for me anyway - it doesn't really flow like the others because it certainly doesn't have "a whole lotta YOU in every stroke"

I'm not really entirely sure what direction they're going in with "Hello, My Name Is Tim".. Speed Dating? I don't really know too many guys that dot their I's with hearts.

Also, I think the "Just Another Day In Paradise" Guy is the malcontent that works in the cubicle across from me.. I think he prefers sending e-mails so that nobody really knows for sure that he's a sarcastic jerk.

7/10 - Simple, effective, great tagline, but I'd say 1.5 of the 5 ads are duds.

Any thoughts?

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it's inspiring

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they showed me a picture & i laughed
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