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January 2009
BGH:  Spaghetti
BGH Print Ad -  Spaghetti

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Print advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina for BGH, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Dir. Gral. Creativo: Mariano Serkin / Maxi Itzkoff
Dir.Creativo: Diego Medvedocky / Jorge Ponce Betti
Redactor: Matias Eusebi
Dir. de Arte: Nicolás Foresi / Ammiel Fazzari
Dir. De Producción: Adrián Aspani
Productor por agencia: Koko Puch
Fotógrafo: Vincent Dixon
Post porducción: Pablo Romanos
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hidearshake's picture

is it powerful or quick? if it's quick, then revisit the concept.

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Guest's picture

"So, see, here's the thing: we have this wife-mother person. Or maybe she's a hot date of some kind. Anyway, she's making spaghetti, okay?"

"Fine. Continue."

"So we set it up like a tug of war! Cool, huh?"


"Yeah -- and, like she's on one side with this like totally fierce look on her face while she's wiping the floor with these four soccer guys."

"... Fierce."

"Right! And they're using -- you're gonna love this! -- this big-ass strand of spaghetti! Cant you see the ambient possibilities!"

"Well, no, actually, but -- "

"And here's the kicker: she's not only making mince-meat outa them, she's doin' it in high heels! And this, like, totally designer gown!"

"... Like any housewife would wear, I assume."

"Exactamundo! Like, I'm hot and I can still take on any guy and hold my own. Know what I mean? It's, like, all about empowerment! Women love that crap!"

"... Thanks. We'll be in touch."

C-Pain's picture

Oh god, well done...hahaha

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thecreature's picture

Looking for a job as a CW? Hired!

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Creative Director at Prague
Guest's picture

hidershake, revisit your head. Where this ad says "powerful" or "quick"? Why do you put concepts that they aren't here? This campaign says "with BGH your meals are so delicious that they will win against any other thing that your husband have to do". Please, make an effort.

Guest's picture

Delicious microwaved meals. That'll win a man's heart. Mmm-mmm

Guest's picture

Simpler: you husband/boyfriend will have dinner with you instead doing all the things men LOOOOVE. There's a third ad, where she's cutting down a broccoli as if it were a tree... and it falls on a poker table.

Liked the campagin first time I saw it.

Guest's picture

I'm lovin it. It makes you to start thinking.

luispiter's picture
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izmild's picture

Quick or powerful??? Or quickly to finish the job. is it?

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Guest's picture

Very nice. I like it a lot. Simple – she beats the soccer guys.

Guest's picture

Siempre los banque, me gustan las piezas. Le Pope Noir.

bompa's picture

Tan buenas. Good job.

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maashookshee's picture

i like the other one . the women here is ready for out dinner then home one..... idea is great

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graphicdesigner. at focus advertising
Guest's picture

Vincent Dixon? no sera mucho? tic tac tic tac.

Ag's picture

Al principio me encantaron. Después pensé que odio la comida hecha en microondas y me gustaron un poco menos. Pero de todas formas el concepto sigue siendo genial.

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Guest's picture

so eating spaghetti cooked by a hot woman out of a BGH quick chef microwave is better than watching soccer. that's a stretch. badoom cha.

fyi everything is better than soccer. soccer sucks.

FernandoFrangi's picture

Muy buena, sheer heart attack

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