September 2008
Berkley & Jensen:  Rejection
Berkley & Jensen Print Ad -  Rejection



This is one time you'll love rejection.
99 out of 100 beans aren't good enough for Berkley & Jensen.
The 'Q' seal on Berkley & Jensen bags ensures that only the highest quality beans are inside - ­rated in the top 1% in the world by the Coffee Quality Institute. Better yet, it tells coffee lovers that they're going to enjoy an extraordinarily delicious cup of coffee.

Advertising Agency: BJ's Wholesale Club In-house, Boston, USA
Creative Director: Susan Kurnas
Art Director: Tim Needham
Copywriter: Kevin Acciaioli
Photographer: Michael Indresano
Co-Creative Director: Loretta Kennedy
Designer: Gary Hoare
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scarfinati's picture

Jesus christ a CD, AD, Co-CD, and designer for ONE ad...

Business is slow eh guys...

Activity Score 839
Art Director
homutmiranda's picture

just dislike ads claiming itself the best of all, who knows! lack of creativity!

Activity Score 37
Media student
karankal's picture

This looks like an early 90's ad where there are too many elements and almost look like an advertorial. Is that intentional or did they just have too many things to say (that should not have been said anyway?
The message is quite clear for me, at least the creative brief. It's simple telling me that Berkeley&Jensen coffee beans are not dregs but are chosen from the lot. The said that in too many words and images that are not as effective as one single visual and one line.

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sneakyhands's picture

this coffee is brought to you by the letter Q

"think quality. think value. think blah blah blah" - pretty boring

i like the photography, but everything is floating in space. i feel like i can fit my hand between the paint and the bag, or behind the beans.

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STRTLRS's picture

...and we're back to 1999.

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storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

johnny_corvair's picture

This is what is called an ad.
It's what we do.
This ad works very well.
Who cares if it looks like it's back in 1999 or 1969. The trend these days in which every ad has to be image based and so cryptic in concept as well as messaging is wrong. Think like a consumer, not a creative.

It's just advertising.

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art director, saudi arabia
Daisy25's picture

I'm not a big fan of the headline - thinking as a consumer. At first glance I thought that they used the rejected beans. They taste good though, so it's ok to love rejection.

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Misstree's picture

I love the layout...rustic and very coffee. And i love the way the cup looks...i feel i can just pick it up and sip it.

Having said that, the ad's so-so.

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Copywriter |


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