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April 2011
BelCuore Café:  Flight controller


Photographer Lucio Cunha

Art Buyer Nanci Bonani

Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, Brazil for BelCuore Café, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Creative Director: Claudio Lima
Copywriter: Eduardo Marques
Art Directors: Lucas Zaiden, André Kirkelis, Vinicius Valeiro
Illustrator: Vinicius Valeiro
Media: Sergio Brotto / Toco
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chirag's picture

Art is no doubt good,
But the message is not clear,,

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michael saucez's picture

I don´t know how this could be clearer.

Black = Sleepy
Smoke (representing coffee) = Focus on what´s happening

So, drink Belcoffee and wake up.

michael saucez
Activity Score 23
Editor at Thumbby
HappyHour's picture

Art is good, message is completely clear (this coffee keeps you awake)...unfortunately, all coffee keeps you awake.

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Reality Check's picture

Nothing new to say (coffee keeps you awake), and, at the end of the day, no real point to make.

Reality Check
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esteb's picture

This coffee keeps you awake when you don't drink it?

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italocr88's picture

you can change the logo and the ad still works.. good idea but not good enough!

Activity Score 260
Copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather Argentina
Vingy's picture

i agree whit Chirag message isn´t clear it needs a powerfull copy to complete the message

Activity Score 474
Copywriter at Advance
Galo's picture

Even tough the message is not new (man, whats new about coffee anyway?) I just love how they happen to communicate it. Congrats to te Ogilvy team!

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Ron Burgundy's picture


nice art too

Ron Burgundy
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Art Director at Southern California
liny_77's picture

Sorry, nothing new.

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Creative Director
Bob.C's picture

Love the visuals and yes the message is clear - it's a beautiful way to send a generic message. You know what, I'm drinking my Starbucks instant (ok I know don't start) and it keeps me awake too, so a tagline, a fact, a logo, a slogan, a positioning statement.... an anything more to help this actually send a branding message would have made all the difference. To me it's sending a bit of a "water is wet" type message at the moment, albeit in a nice way.

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soryana's picture

fine art, but the smoke in the ad looks like cigarette smoke

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michael saucez's picture

Art is good, as you should expect from Brazil.

But here there´s something really different for coffee.

C´mon, they´re NOT using eyes nor sleepy people. The product is HUGE. Probably the biggest brand-size-signature advertising ever.

michael saucez
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Editor at Thumbby
shahidali's picture

Its all airplane in the smoke. how come that represents keeping awake?

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Glut's picture

not so sure, what is this?

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MidasTouch's picture

The line, we need a line.

Activity Score 1024

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

kleenex's picture

not a great idea imo.

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Web Designer/Developer
ajitart's picture

gurrrrrrrrr....coffee don't have smoke...BAD. not expect from ogilvy - brazil. art student can do better job than this.

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John Howard's picture

Like no much!

John Howard
Activity Score 33
Creative Director
mimosainsiva@gmail.com's picture

i feel it here the cup fills with a metal liquid.. ha ha ..

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ace85le's picture

Very refreshing indeed.

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andylefty's picture

I see what people mean when its not clear, the visuals through the steam is hard to make out.

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Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
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