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Not feeling this one at all. I don't really like the concept and even then I think the execution isn't spot on. I'm not sure car manufacturers should be casting any doubt over the safety of their vehicles. I know we all know cars aren't 100% safe - but I'd rather be informed of the measures that make it safe rather than be reminded that it's 'almost completely safe'.

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dunno where you're from itchy, but Volvo has a reputation of being almost too safe.
too much in the direction that people who buy a Volvo are already thought as very responsible parents.

so if a safe-safe brand needs to sell a sports car, they'd better be poking a bit of fun at themselves. it helps the brand to remind me they're safe, but they have a sense of humor.

I like it, although it's probably not the best campaign in the world.

andrej dwin
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It sucks when someone counters your comment with a great piece of thinking. I agree completely with andrej. The strategy is spot on here. The bird one is the best because of good use of medium.

No fixed abode
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I like it, too. Although, again, I've seen exactly the same execution done elsewhere.
But let's hear it for Volvo for their relentless devotion to stick to their long-running positioning.
Itchy must be scratching his head because he doesn't get the idea. Or maybe because it just itches...

Jet Propulsion Lab
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'Reputation' is something that can be debated and not every buyer would necessarily be aware of what your understanding of a brand is.

Almost completely safe..therefore is not a good tag line (of course this too is debatable).

It could rather have been- "THE SAFEST.*conditions apply"
Go ahead pounce on me.

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nah this is so weak you can do better, comon its volvo!

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Dont waste your life taking care of It...


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