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what is in she hand??

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What is in her hand? It's a four-leaved clover. It's a symbol of luck.

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she's hot, the ad leves me a little cold. tries way too hard. if you're going to do a condom ad it should be a lot better than this.

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can someone tell me why you should hold a clover instead of a condom when having sex? when condom is much easier to get than a clover.

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the copy says "luck"
if she's holding a condom, the idea would be blurry. I think if this is going to be aseries, why not using horse shoes and rabbit foot too.

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First off, it's not a condom advert, it's an aids awareness one.

I suspect the slogan translates to "Don't leave this to luck"

As for the lucky symbols...
why not have her holding a lucky black cat? Because lucky symbols are different in different countries.
As for the example you've given...
a rabbits foot in real life looks like a shrivled white thing... no.
And a horse shoe is a big hefty thing used to fend off someone.

A four leaved clover is plesant to look at, and not a useful weapon.

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No me molesta del todo la idea, me molesta que se haya usado el mismo recurso del Trebol en todos los avisos.

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