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September 2009
Battleship New Jersey:  Mailman


Print advertisement created by Masterminds, United States for Battleship New Jersey, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


Delivering Victory… …One Letter at a time.
Meet the heroes behind the heroes. Enlist in the City at Sea Tour.

Advertising Agency: Masterminds, Atlantic City, USA
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: RT Herwig
Art Director: Chris Holland
Copywriter: Pragati Mulani
Illustrator: Chris Holland
Photographer: Michael Spain-Smith
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Looks like he is a very happy boy that may deliver much more than letters if you ask him to.

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Seek and Destroy

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good ad, but it needs to be modernised.
It would have been effective during pearl harbor though :)

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good ad, but it needs to be modernised. It would have been effective during pearl harbor though :)

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Great work. Digging the art. For me when people think about places like this, people usually think about the expected sailors and pilots and the guns booming. And while these guys could have gone that easy route, these ads seem to focus on those unsung heroes we never think about and make them the real hero. Interesting concept. Loooove it!!! Cheers.

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Zigged when everyone else would've zagged. Brilliant design. Lines are smart homage to the posters of that time. Kudos to your team.

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Salio del closet lleno de cartas!
"Lo sospeché desde un principio."

Chapulin Colorado
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- Más vale solo que mal que por bien no venga.
- Es de sabios lo comete cualquiera.
- Un error se comete al equivocarse.
- Cría cuervos y te diré quien eres.
- Dime con quién andas y te sacaran los ojos.
- Árbol que crece temprano amanece más torcido

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These ads have answered my prayers to: "Enough of those OBEY designed poster knock-offs already." These guys totally get props from me for not going in that expected design direction and instead pay homage to vintage prop posters of World War 2 and taking a chance with sort of a modern Abercrombie & Fitch take which I really think is a high minded art directional twist.

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Smart work!!!

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I agree with all the positive comments on this campaign. You guys have gone where few advertisers dare to go. You've developed new heroes and rediscovered a long-forgotten style of art direction. Kudos, guys, don't listen to the down-on-their-talent critics (and failed wanna-be junior art directors/advertising historians) Your campaign rocks like a bitch. Have a few drinks on me. You all deserve it.

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