Dorian Grey

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February 2011
Barclays:  Dorian Grey


Print advertisement created by SAA, Russia for Barclays, within the category: Finance.


...if Dorian Grey was a banker. Bank without emotions.

Advertising Agency: SAA, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Vasily Ovchinnikov
Art Director: Vasily Ovchinnikov
Copywriter: Alexandra Tschegortsova
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dean viii's picture

Needs work.

dean viii
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Creative Director
CuriousPencil's picture

Please tell me this is real. The world needs a global bank with no idea how their image is about to be more fucked-up than it is already.

Ivan, what's the vetting process these days? If I call myself an agency tomorrow will you post the anti-Tory campaign I'm going to make tonight under the thin disguise of 'Positive Choice'?

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ivan's picture

I can't guarantee, but it could happen. :)

Creative Director at Ads of the World
morse's picture

Is it better to lie about how socially responsible you're just to shut hippies up? At least this ad is honest and has a clear selling point.

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luispiter's picture

i dont like...

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dean viii's picture

Needs work.

dean viii
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Creative Director
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what the fuckski?

Roger Keynes
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The Jobless Writer
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shahidali's picture

Gutsy move. However, the route needs strong follow-up on what they mean by 'without emotion'.

I personally like the 'without emotion' platform. World has seen enough emotional banks and finally ended up with choices providing higher yield. So, saying i'm the 'uncola' is a smart move. After all, we know that you can't count emotion but the money. And when its the banker of the bankers, this is more appropriate.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


ffffffwhat's picture

Who would want a bank without emotions? Hell, that's nearly every bank I know, and I hate them for it.

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