Bad eating habits

March 2007
 Bad eating habits
 Bad eating habits



Bad eating habits increase the risks of cardio vascular diseases.
Asociación Colombia de Hipertensión Arterial y Factores de Riesgo cardiovascular

Advertising Agency: DDB, MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA
Creative Director: Jaime Andrés Pulgarín
Art Directors: Jonathan Marulanda
Copywriters: Jonathan Marulanda, Miguel Gaviria
Photographer: Tato Gómez
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jungleraven's picture

just th photograph is new. idea- done. execution- done.

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Copywriter |

Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

sloppy4's picture

i don't think the idea has been done at all. i just don't think it should have ever been done.

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ellehcimeo's picture

What is he supposed to be eating? Is this a trash bin? In which case, yeah, you could get sick from eating in a dumpster... but who is this ad targeting?
The execution doesn't seem to fit with the other two, you can at least tell what the others are doing... this one not so much?

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Art Director
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