#BabbelforAll, 2

June 2018
Babbel: #BabbelforAll, 2


In parallel to international Pride month, Russia is hosting the FIFA World Cup. The Russian LGBTQ community has been harassed by authorities because of Russia’s anti-gay legislation. Gay fans from all over the world were even warned not to hold hands in public.
Babbel, the language learning app, is empowering people around the globe to express themselves in any language, regardless of dark governmental rules. Therefore, the new Russian language courses were promoted with a reminder that the Russian government might not be tolerant, but the Russian language belongs to whoever wants to use it.
Billboards were placed around Berlin, at train stations going to Moscow, and around the public screenings of the games.


I'm married to a man. Babbel. Russian lessons. For everyone.

Creative Directors: Danna Blum, Ray Pham
Art Director: Aryo Herwastho
Copywriters: Kyri Savva, Antonia Billermark, Theresa Herrndobler
Director of Brand: Sylvain Lierre
Brand Managers: Pauline Laggoun, Jim Liu
Country Manager: Clemens Rumpf
Offline Media: Ulrike Tusk, Kathleen Cürten
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