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February 2011
Azulix:  Whale
Azulix Print Ad -  Whale

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Print advertisement created by Sorento, India for Azulix, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


Big tablets, tough to swallow
Azulix. Looks mini, does plenty.

Advertising Agency: Sorento Health Communications, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Rajesh Rai
Art Director: Siddhesh Kadam
Copywriter: Rucha Patil
Illustrator: Siddhesh Kadam
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antoniobac's picture

I don't quite understand the product. I'm guessing it's some sort of small pills.

On the other hand copy is really repetitive. Putting a whale simbolizes the concept of big. You don't need to explain that anymore or that is though to swallow, which is a direct consequence.

(Sorry for the miss spellings, english is not my mother language either)

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左三三's picture

I like the brief style.but the text composition is hard for consumers to read.

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MidasTouch's picture

I agree with Antoniobac.

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//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

everartz's picture

i think the text's orientation is meant to be like this coz it gives the feeling that its hard to swallow when it takes you a long time to read it, which makes the campaign works better... i like it and i find it good

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| everartz |

unnchal's picture

bang on target

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purshotham's picture

The message is clear..

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dj_darora's picture

Not Quite Clear..

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Art Director
CuriousPencil's picture

Here's another observation for you. White text on light blue background, *outside* your logo? *Might* just be ignored. I see this as a pill-necker and I see the big hard-to-swallow tablet with the instructions that it's hard to swallow.

All that's left to look at is the product name.

I don't want whale pills.

And by the time I make the connection between the big pills and the product name, I've turned the page, or left the room, or driven past, because everyone knows that the small print under a pharma logo/ad is from legal.

So, I call SCAM on this, also because there's no legal small print, or (contra)indication info as to what the product is for.

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Marko Gucunski's picture

Its a bit in Green Peace territory with the "Don't eat whales message"

Marko Gucunski
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brendansparrow's picture

Weak execution.

lukefang's picture

not bad

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