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April 2016
AudioBook India:  Hitler


Print advertisement created by TapRoot, India for AudioBook India, within the category: Media.


AudioBook India

Advertising Agency: Taproot, Mumbai, India
Chief Creative Officers: Santosh Padhi, Agnello Dias
Executive Creative Directors: Santosh Padhi, Agnello Dias
Creative Directors: Santosh Padhi, Agnello Dias
Art Directors: Durvesh Gaikar, Santosh Padhi
Copywriter: Durvesh Gaikar
Account Supervisor: Manan Mehta
Photography: Getty Image Bank
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olaoluwa's picture

got it

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ace85le's picture

This is so smart it makes me smile and happy!

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atb2005's picture

Really? Take a pic of you smiling and post it on here.

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ace85le's picture

Give me a reason why I should?

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Diegonz's picture

It, has no sense. Cannes is coming down. Understand an almost non understanding idea dosen't mean the idea is good. In other words, complicated it's not an intelligent one necessarily.

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SF's picture

HAHAHAH fantastic! love it

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Art Director
cracker66's picture

Again the known problem which is explainable with a lack of cross-cultural competence. Hitler was not only a very known politician but mainly a mass murderer and dictator. It is a humiliation of his victims to present him like a normal guy next to the freedom fighter Nelson Mandela. I can't really understand how the Cannes jury can accept sth. like this.

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Billoughsby's picture

Did anyone know George Hurrell used to massage powdered graphite into selected areas of his 8 x 10 negatives to hand-craft the quality of light?


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That's it.

Ed Rapport's picture

@cracker66.. I find it quite stupid as well that these dumb ass creatives would put someone like Nelson Mandela in an ad campaign with a mass murdering racist such as that prick Hitler. Two people on totally different sides of the spectrum in world politics who had two different ideologies..

Ed Rapport
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bhuvneshwar.chd's picture

simple & on target.

bulls eye. enjoy . . . the LION.

congrats india.

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"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?"
— Rumi

Lubstar's picture

The biggest problem with this ad is not necessarily the idea but the fact that 'Audiobook India' is selling Mein Kampf...

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Bob.C's picture

First, the Hitler thing I understand that he's viewed differently in India (history classes, independence movement...), but there is no excuse for Cannes - grow some sensitivity.

So ignoring the Hitler element - personally I don't feel these work especially well in terms of delivering action, without meaning to be disrespectful I'm sure Audiobook India could benefited from a more imaginative approach.

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LittleJoe's picture

How can you use with Mandela and Hitler in the same serie!???!! What f***ing association is?

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dean viii's picture

Will everyone grow up on here? I don't know if you've heard, but bookstores have biographies on good and bad people. In no way does this glorify him.

I'm more bothered by a couple little things. One, if they're audio books, they wouldn't have bookmarks. Two, it just looks weird. Three, it's not worth a Cannes award. I'm sure there's a better way to execute the thought.

dean viii
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Creative Director
LittleJoe's picture

Four, if you have a huge bookstore full of biographies and you choose to use Hitler just to take people attention, you are a jackass.
I don't mind if they have Nazi or Fascist audiobooks, I don't want to see it, especially nearby Mandela.
There are so many sites, facebook groups pages etc etc that are still talking about Nazism and so many people still hailing theese disgusting doctrines...
I don't really need to know they have that biography.

Why don't they used Dalai Lama's biography?

Maybe they are not glorifying him but they intentionally used these images just to catch more audience range.

If some history passionate is looking for an Hitler biography I'm sure he knows where he can find it.


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penny'sworth's picture

I think you missed the idea Dean. The book markers are in the mouth, hence- 'audio'. Its an intelligent idea, simple and fresh - Well done Taproot! Deserves Cannes.

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Creative Director
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