Little Monsters - Jellyfish James

September 2017
Audible: Little Monsters - Jellyfish James


The next generation actively overindulge with screens.

Their eyes, posture and creativity are at risk.

The answer is Audible.

Print advertisement created by Central Saint Martins, United Kingdom for Audible, within the category: Media.


‘What should I be when I am old?
Will I just know or will I be told?
He was a curious and gifted little boy,
until a screen became his toy.

The other children dreamt of what could be,
whilst his mind became a shadow of he.
His own creations shut away,
never to see the light of day.

His brain inactive day or night,
yearning for the deep blue light.
His originality inbuilt inside,
rather than growing, did shrink and hide.

His mind became an empty place,
instead of a heart, there was simply space.
A silicon implant for a brain,
he felt no friendship, love nor pain.

He did not think, he only saw.
His imagination was no more.
Oh yes he did exist,
drifting passively across the abyss.
Her eyes didn’t go square
but became wide and hollowed.
Her lashes disappeared
and her eyelids followed.

Not able to blink,
her sockets became dry.
Her tongue elongated
to moisten her eyes.

No-one wished to see,
this light mutated monstrosity.
Permanently in a state of awake,
the greedy light began to take and take.

Forever alone
was her unfortunate demise
because it’s hard to kiss boys,
with your tongue in your eyes.

Advertising School: Central Saint Martins, UK
Art Director / Illustrator: Max Lowe
Copywriter: Carys Newbury
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