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February 2015
Audi:  Wrench


Print advertisement created by thjnk, Germany for Audi, within the category: Automotive.


Don't let your Audi fall into the wrong hands. Audi Service.

Advertising Agency: thjnk, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Matthias Walter, Siyamak Seyedasgari
Art Directors: Inga Oßenbrügge, Mike Wenzel, Anika Zanter
Copywriter: Daniel Lamprecht
Photographer: Attila Hartwig
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Wriccky's picture

True...And I like BMW's

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Ogilvi Himself's picture

Its weak

Ogilvi Himself
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Молчать и слушать!

kleenex's picture

The TV spot posted a few days ago was better.

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alisakalayda's picture

About six years ago there was a very famous zombie movie released that had the same image of hands reaching out—however, this is an Audi commercial. I am not sure if the creator of this campaign is playing on that (the zombie movie). Overall I think this image does get the point across—don't let anyone touch an Audie except Audi professionals—but once again I had to read what was written on the image. I like advertisements that speak for themselves and I do think that there could have been a more creative and more self-explanatory way of conducting this campaign. The Audi Service is being promoted so maybe a better way to promote it is showing the Audi Service superiority in one way or another. Another thing for the creator of this advertisement to consider is making the Audi car more prominent. The tail end of that car could easily be a BMW.

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Wriccky's picture

True...And I like BMW's

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In all honesty, I think the collection of the four images of this campaign speak to the high quality Audi provides to its customers. I do think a lot of consumers take their cars to external mechanic shops because they tend to be cheaper. The play on the simple fact that an Audi deserves better is shown by a horde of dirty/grimy hands reaching for the perfection that is the Audi A4. It really does speak to the level of care Audi expects their customers to provide their car. All in all, buying a car isn’t a decision most people make within a matter of minutes, it is a decision months in the making. I do think this campaign is something to be shown in a car magazine. Something that is more editorial, as opposed to something more commercial. Great job with the campaign, and I look forward to seeing more from Audi.

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REACT Studios's picture

Car service ads are not the easiest briefs to crack. I think this is strong and done quite well.

REACT Studios
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Creative Director at REACT Studios |

REACT Studios

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" leave your fear behind " AHAH !

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