Jooooy, White

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September 2011
Audi:  Jooooy, White
Audi Print Ad -  Jooooy, White

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Print advertisement created by Tonic, United Arab Emirates for Audi, within the category: Automotive.


Jooooy Finally Has Meaning

Advertising Agency: Tonic International, Dubai, UAE
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Fooooorced and Faaaaail

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mitali prasad's picture

why.....? i kind of liked it actually.....

mitali prasad
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General Manager
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Word game to represent Audi and forcing its logo into some word. It shouldn't happen that way in my opinion.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


pierrelastname's picture

welcome to 70's !!!

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Welcome to BMW !

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I feel its good but needed little more push for the execution side.

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Graphic Designer at TONIC Communications LLC
napoleon's picture

I have my doubts about the effectiveness of this advert. Here's why:
1. "Joy" is property of the BMW brand, not any single BMW product.
2. This ad by AUDI is about a single AUDI product (R8) - does this mean that the rest of AUDI's products are "Joyless"? By the way, BMW owners and automotive testers find most AUDI products dull to drive, because of "dead", "inert" steering.feel.
3. Consumers will most likely comparison-shop the R8 with a Porsche - in which case both the product experience and the "cachet" of the Porsche brand are likely to win them over. .
4. Using a rivals' advertising usually results in that rival getting as much mileage - free of cost !
5. I also agree with the observation re:"forcing the logo into a word". Logos are a symbolization of a brand's values, and I am not sure if the personality of this advertisement is in sync with the values of the AUDI brand. Maybe AUDI can enlighten us about this?


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sunilcreates's picture

Audi have nothing to say as a Brand. Very bad advertising strategy.

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Creative Director at Olive, Mumbai
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