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December 2010
Audi:  Fuel filter


Print advertisement created by BBDO, Lebanon for Audi, within the category: Automotive.


Don’t let your car get in your way. Pass by for a check-up.

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Beirut, Lebanon
Executive Creative Director: Walid Kanaan
Creative Director: Joe Abou-Khaled
Art Director: Georges Kyrillos
Copywriter: Chris Jabre
Photographer: Steve Kozman
Group Account Director: Claude Checrallah
Account Director: Hala Amiouni
Account Executive: Bilal Khalife
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this one is way too difficult to get compared to the other related ads

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As a simple consumer, I understand that my Audi is a bad car that need a check-up ....

New Nice and Fun
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that is a filter... it is an ad for mens

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Great art direction. Great concept.

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I've avoided commenting on these ads but I love this: only with Audi can I bypass an obviously stricken robot, stranded in the road, which is certainly pretending to look for help through my filthy windscreen, since the mothership is just there, over the horizon, and there's no help in my badly pointed rearview mirror but THANKFULLY it's just me and no passengers, just me and this damned leaky robot. Thank you Audi. Now I can learn to drive safely.

And thank Zenu I got this campaign at last. At first I thought it was a series of ads telling Audi drivers that they'd bought the wrong vehicle, and they would very soon be stricken by oversized versions of their auto's components "In The Way" ahead. Then I would've just felt silly. And a bit... dirty.

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Indeed curious your comments sir!! i think you would have done best not commenting since you obviously are doing so just for the sake of talking...
For one the robot that's stranded in the road is a fuel filter that could break down and even Audi would tell you that. that's why any car should be checked up, even an Audi and if you thought otherwise you should really feel silly.

Second this ad is inviting people to check their cars in an obvious yet smart way in order to make sure their Audis stay in the best shape.

As for the other comments about windscreen etc.. i find it to be logical because anyone who doesn't take care of the engine of his car will surely not take care of the rest.

i have to say of all your well written essay i just agree with your last sentence

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Nice headline.

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