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March 2012
Atma:  Arctic fox


Print advertisement created by TBWA, Argentina for Atma, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Cold meets silence

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Juan Cruz Bazterrica, Guillermo Castañeda
Creative Director: Roberto Leston
Art Directors: Irene Arteaga, Juan Javier Peña, Ricardo Casal
Photographers: Lucila Blumencweig / Glow Images
Digital Artist: Gabriel Alomar
Account Director: Hernan Elliot
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Bob08's picture

No way.

Activity Score 749
stevel's picture

not a wise direction...

Activity Score 423
Hadrons's picture

It's stupid copy.
This photograph is not pleasant to watch.

What was the concept in the brief - a silent AC ?!.... and what will be the image for heating - Lucifer with a band aid ?!

For heaven sake - this is the best you came up with ?!

You know what, it is beyond stupidity.
If there was malpractice in advertising - this ad will be one of the cases. .

Activity Score 6056


ace85le's picture

I agree with you. Very disturbing series, especially for animal lovers. Failed.

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AlvarezArt's picture

What were they thinking? really an endangered species with tape around it's mouth. This is just awful!

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Creative Director
kleenex's picture

no no and no...

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
andylefty's picture

Unpleasant image.

Activity Score 4531
Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
somecopywriter's picture

This is terrible. How did they ever think they could use this image to sell something that destroys these creature's habitat. No stars for you.

Activity Score 1113
Copywriter at Boomtown
MicheleVirgilio's picture

Not a good image for an Ad about air conditioning

Activity Score 2617
Ramat Ajala's picture

Like the idea, not the line (not necessary).

Ramat Ajala
Activity Score 800
mertos's picture


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Creative Director
Libor Oubrecht's picture

idea meets stupidity

Libor Oubrecht
Activity Score 309
miko1aj's picture

Hadrons nailed this. Agree totally.
And interesting thing is that to summarize this what they'd wanted to say all what you need is to show vast Antarctic space. It's dead calm itself.

Activity Score 3082
chuckieT's picture

This ad is awful. The ad you just suggested would be even worse.

Activity Score 680
darrenabriel's picture

it's bizarre to think that clients would pay for such work.

Activity Score 54
Art Director at Ogilvy
CuriousPencil's picture

Oh this is Christmas for cynics, really it is. Apart from what's been said already, the client ( has a family-friendly cartoon style, and this campaign seems to run entirely contrary to their approach. Reverse-engineering this campaign, it looks like one of those instances when the team had an idea, presented it to the client, and pushed it through despite the floods of tears and screams of protest. Clearly, the client isn't used to the bullying tactics self-convinced egotistical creative teams sometimes use.

And on the product: WHO is going to buy something that's held together with duct tape?

Activity Score 4199
Guest43057's picture

Do you ever stop to think that maybe this idea was pitched, being the weakest of the ones they presented, and the client chose this over the other ideas? Did that thought ever pop into your stupid fucking mind?

No, it probably didn't, because you are fucking worthless. If you spent less time critiquing every ad on AotW, maybe you'd have a real agency job instead of being some freelancing-nobody

And why the fuck do you take every ad so fucking literally? Is there duct tape anywhere on a product in this ad? Are you that god-damn stupid to understand that duct tape on a loud animal is to keep it fucking quiet?

What kind of work have you done/awards have you earned for advertising that makes you a god-damned expert to shit on almost everything that is posted on this site? Please link your portfolio to prove me wrong.

Activity Score 4
CuriousPencil's picture

Well. As a "freelancing nobody", (you know me then, "Guest[n]"), I've every right to my say on what I see posted on a public forum, and I take and use that opportunity as I please. I'm not going to aggravate you further, nor do I need to prove anything, but yes, I have thought many times here that that wrenching moment when the "third idea just to show we can think, go on, the thought will come to you between shitting and wiping, the client Expects" is chosen as the one that scares the client the least. But this isn't that, unless someone from the agency can inform us otherwise. This is a set of photographs of mute animals, holding up a very wobbly idea, very badly.

I take ads for what they present themselves as, for what they're trying to do, how they do it, or not, and sometimes I run my mouth off. You don't have to read what I write, and agencies don't have to post what shames them.

Activity Score 4199
Guest43057's picture

It's no surprise you won't post a link to your work. Your work is probably so horrid that, in order to feel good about yourself, you come on this site and criticize almost every ad that you see.

Do yourself a favor and pick up some kind of hobby. You're just going to regret all the time you wasted on here analyzing ads when you could have been doing something more fulfilling.

Activity Score 4
Hadrons's picture

Dear guest,
Welcome!! Make 'yerself' at home!!
BUT don't forget *you* are JUST A GUEST.

Sign up, give us your name & link & portfolio & all the nice little nick-knacks you SO KINDLY asked from the Irishman.

Before you continue insulting my colleagues, try and internalize (yeah I know, 4 syllables) THAT THIS IS is a "Post mortem" critique site, Cuzz.

I might be the dishwasher at the restaurant you feed at, Cuzz, But I still will have something to say about the great things and about the DRECK that is presented here.

If you can't stand the HEAT, STAY OUT of the kitchen. And of course, you might take it as constructive criticism.

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miko1aj's picture

Do You have 13 years or something? What is the sense of signing as a Guest, when it's clear you must be Juan Cruz or Guillermo or Roberto or Irene (seriously doubt that woman can write such an immature comment) or Juan Javier or Ricardo?
It's simple; when you construct controversial ad you have to face with criticism. That's all. And strange thing you care so much about this. You wouldn't expect CuriousPencil to be the dumbest creative ever in other case.
And. What if he have GREAT portfolio and many PRIZES? Would that eventually change YOUR opinion about this ad? Do You think the weight of the argument lays in the person's background? Or it lays rather in the logical construction?
cheers mate

Activity Score 3082
CuriousPencil's picture

We're not in bible class, so "he who is without sin cast the first stone" doesn't apply. I've been part of my fair share of howlers in the past, sure; we all have, or will, at some point in our careers, or 'hobbies' as you so diplomatically suggest, be (un)lucky enough to make an ad that's a real stinker, a real one for the portfolio's dark passages. You won't see mine here, but when I want to benefit from the deconstructive powers of my peers, I'll let you know. You'll be in the chapter called "whiny American kids to ignore".

Activity Score 4199
Blashyrkh's picture

Dumbs. It looks very well the directors know nothing about cold. These are the most silent animals. Put away that bandage and people will think different.

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Art Director
mark3r's picture

TBWA Argentina... wtf? You guys are better than this.

Activity Score 1949
Art Director at Scout
Mayi92's picture

Poor him :(

Activity Score 143
Chopper's picture

What kind of silence do you like?
Also my air conditioner is silent without electricity.

Activity Score 1015
Bob08's picture

No way.

Activity Score 749
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