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September 2008
A-Tap:  Construction


Print advertisement created by Monday, Thailand for A-Tap, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Monday, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Directors: Wiboon leepakpreeda, Passapol Limpisirisan
Art Director: Komson Yamshuen
Copywriter: Thanawat Sakunnanthiphat
Photographers: Anuchai Sricharunputong, Nok Pipattungkul, Remix Studio Bangkok
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Kamelaman's picture

What? This campaign Think from head or ASS!

Very shit!!!!!!!!

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Wellcome!!!!! Kamela Man

kareena's picture

hey, there is scam and then there is this. ads for an ear plug? wow, what a stretch.GEE! they've really swayed me to buy their brand instead of my normal brand of earplugs i usually but every week! i mean really, who even buys earplugs or believes that a brand would pay for these elaborate shoots.

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Creative Director
wind_win's picture

woh WOH wo, The upper commend is so strong! I quite like it and the visual is good. Those working class people when they work with the noise of hammer the dropping of cement crashing on the floor and so many noise surrounded including their tough life, It's must be a good in functional of ear plug for them ( well I'm not sure if they are a target who will buy earplug but is it really need to be only the consumer target appear in the ads? ) when life is tough people need some time to clam their mind down "Meditation" it does help. (If the best ads ever must understand the visual from the first time and must be know as internationally, then take this as a lesson and create a better one, this why we share the work on line, Isn't it?) The Gang of teenager is a problem of Bangkok they feel fun to racing on the street and for sure a noise of motorcycle racing is not so beautiful to listen. I'm not sure if what I think is what the creative think but that what I can see from the visual. I just think that nothing right or wrong it just the difference way of thinking and the way of communicating. And a good commend is suppose to be a commend for create positive thinking in the future. I used to work in advertising now I'm quit so I see thing in the difference way. It was so good to check out on creative work and see it from outside :)

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Photographer at Evrery where is an office
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