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April 2009
Art Against Knives:  Van Gogh
Art Against Knives Print Ad -  Van Gogh


Print advertisement created by Leagas Delaney, United Kingdom for Art Against Knives, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


Art Against Knives. Exhibition opens 11am on 4th May, Shoreditch Town Hall Gallery.

Advertising Agency: Leagas Delaney
Creative Director: Tim Delaney
Art Director: Chris Clarke
Copywriter: Matt Moreland
Other additional credits: loupe Digital Imaging
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Art Against weird ads???

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check out the awesome website

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Interactive Designer
Guest's picture

this is not good...therefore it must be bad.

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Take away their guns, they start using knives. Let's just give all DA YOUT' sniper rifles and in three weeks the problem will be solved...this is what you get for granting independence to all the commonwealth nations without rescinding their UK travel and residence rights. Chavland or Londinisthan, what a choice. Ad sucks, btw---weak, insipid, lazy, and disconnected. Reeks of drop-out student work. FAIL.

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So, he didnt have a knife. and didnt cut off his ear so therefore can wear a furry hat?
nice and immediate that

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It is very immediate you tit. The problem is you are too stupid to get it.

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check out the awesome website

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why, why always van gogh!

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save my soul

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this ad is not an ad! but guys see the website ITS FUCKING AWESOME!!!

my rating is for the website 10/10

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| everartz |

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This ad doesn't do justice to some of the nice work in the exhibition. Give Vincent a rest.

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