Torture, 3

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October 2008
Ariel:  Torture, 3


Print advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, India for Ariel, within the category: House, Garden.


Stop being cruel to your clothes.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Juju Basu
Art Director / Illustrator: Sandeep Poyekar
Copywriter: Amit S Acharekar
Photographer: Amol Jadhav
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Jon-Paul Mountford's picture

Dark but brilliant.
Nice change from all the sweet fluffly shmaltz usually associated with washing powders

Jon-Paul Mountford
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Photographer |

Tchabana's picture

yeah!! dark and the photoshop could e've been better!
but nice campaign

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Graphic Designer at Pixel Comunicação e Imagem |

theanc's picture

I don't know. It doesn't catch me.

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Art Director at Grey Brazil |

shahidali's picture

fantastic route of saying that areal cares for the clothes!!!
I really like the copy. simple and effective.
the visual is also marvelous.
well done. this is probably the best S&S- india work i've seen

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


Guest's picture

Maybe in India...but too far from my reality. I'm pretty nice with my clothes.

+ a little bit indecent.

everartz's picture

holy sh*t!!!!
this is cool and unusual!
i like it thumbs up!

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| everartz |

Guest's picture

great stuff guys. what leo burnett had initiated has reached a full circle with saatchi. here's doffing my fedora to the team. and also the client

Bull's picture

jeje, bien

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Art Director
bompa's picture

Come on, we see movies from india and how people wash their clothes. I think is fresh, nice with a good concept. I have a doubt, is this is a real job? Great work anyway.

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hnavas's picture

good insight, excellent execution!!!

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Art Director at Navas & Partners
Wordnerd's picture

Forgive my lack of knowledge of the indian culture, but: Do you guys seriously boil pants in a pot to clean them?

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Guest's picture

Forgive my lack of knowledge of your sensibilities but do you seriously think Indians boil pants in a pot to clean them??

Wordnerd's picture

that's the point: i don't. and that's why i don't think it's good. comparing your new detergent to middle age cloth cleaning is weak

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Guest's picture

trying too hard. just ok.

nomanjin's picture

Its just ok

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Creative Director at Palmolive Soap new variant launch
Guest's picture

good idea, brilliant execution

hadrianapolis's picture

Just for India i guess. Are there anyone who not using washing machine?

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Guest's picture

Another headline could read: "Stop being cruel to adsoftheworld visitors."

joelapompe's picture

or "stop being cruel to the client by selling him scam ads for festivals that are offensive for real victims, not funny and out of purpose"

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Adnomist's picture

Good campaign

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samwanzer28's picture

Isn't this just a metaphore of what our clothes goes through during washing?

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que sera sera

Guest's picture

fresh work. if you Saatchi guys have done as this as a scam for awards, it's a shame. haven't seen it aywhere except here. work like this should be realeased across all media for people to see. but the f**kall servicing can never convince the client to go all-out with this. this is an example that a good idea can sell too and is not only for juries.

Guest's picture

"Iron rust stains can be removed from washable delicate cottons and linens by moistening the stain with water, squeeze lemon juice directly onto the stain and hold it in the steam from a boiling teakettle for a few minutes. Rinse with water and repeat as many times as necessary. Another method is to boil the article in a solution of 4 tsp. of cream of tartar to a pint of water. Boil until the stain is removed, then rinse in plenty of water. "

i found this online as a remedy to remove stains!
so i guess this brilliant concept was based on the fact that you neednt go the cruel route to remove that stain and its easier with ariel :)

~ amortentia

Muneer Bhatti's picture

thumbs up yaar, its very different

Muneer Bhatti
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Creative Director at (FMCG) PTC, LTC, Unilever, etc. |

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