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April 2007
Ariel:  Sparkle, 2


Print advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Poland for Ariel, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Warsaw, Poland
Regional Creative Directors: Matt Smith
Creative Director: Max Olech
Creative Team: Matt Smith
CEO: Marek Zoledziowski
Regional Account Director: Stephane Wahlen
Account Director: Alexandra Koppa
Account Supervisors: Sylwia Jedynska, Kamila Gorska
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Highest Rated

juliangray's picture

Bad and old idea. Its saying, is not you who is shining is your clothes! wtf.

Activity Score 987
Art Director
Rog's picture

These models expressions aren't on the mark, for me.
Need to play on the characters more than the cheesy grins.
Like this one should be the smouldering babe smile.
The bald guy's best. But, I am biased. ;)

Activity Score 6080
Copywriter |

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

puppiepoppy's picture

1. BEFORE: She's a seductive chic. AFTER: She's not as attractive as the clothes she's wearing.

What else can you guys get from this ad?

Activity Score 1634
Creative Director |

whitespace's picture

- This is an ultra low budget photoshop job done by the boss's nephew's dog.

- Ariel cures astigmatism.

- It is now fashionable to put a blinding 10-carat diamond at your armpit.

Activity Score 1953
Creative Director
Spanky's picture

roughly 1 in 50 ads posted on here is good. this isn't one of them.

Activity Score 4895
Steeef's picture

...Shiny eye..,

...Shiny armpit..,

one word..

WOW, (i don't get it, sorry)

Activity Score 135
Art Director
JTW926's picture

Um, i don't really get it...

but it's funny because I own that shirt! and you would definately NOT put it in the wash!

Activity Score 184
Art Director
edragal's picture

Is this a joke... Nowaday I think a better and accurate selection of the presented ads wouldn't be too much...

Activity Score 44
mrtalented's picture

old execution on old idea.

Activity Score 2171
Creative Director
A. J. SMITH's picture

The womans face reminds me of the actresses in adult movies at the end of each scene...

Activity Score 2822
SandMan69's picture

" I got semen here, and here, and.........."

" When shit just won't wash out - Ariel"


Activity Score 3890
Art Director |

Doin' it for the points

Beatboxer's picture

I have to agree with PuppiePoppy.

I honestly don't like this ad.

Oh, and she kind of looks like a cyborg with that shine in her eye as well. Ready to bite youuuuuu!!!! Better strip those Ariel-shiny clothes, and show the goodies. Maybe the nipple will shine like the rest. :D

Activity Score 1517
Dick Huges's picture

Man I like when I see the bad ads too. They make the good ads even better and sometimes they make me laugh. This one for example, is a crap ad. But the girl is amazing hot I like to see ads with amazing hot girls.

Dick Huges
Activity Score 937
like.a.boy's picture

She wear no bra!

Activity Score 227
Art Director
juliangray's picture

Bad and old idea. Its saying, is not you who is shining is your clothes! wtf.

Activity Score 987
Art Director
Guest's picture

how do u get the sparkle to put on pics that like?

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