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September 2015
Apartheid Museum:  Police


In 2015, there is an all-too-common tendency to believe that the history of Apartheid is no longer relevant, and that it doesn’t affect contemporary South Africa. We were tasked with creating a campaign that would re-affirm the relevance of the history of Apartheid in contemporary South Africa. In so doing, we would be able to attract more people, especially the younger generation, to the Apartheid Museum. We compared the social context of Apartheid-era South Africa with the state of South Africa today. Very quickly it became clear that the imperative to understand the history of Apartheid has never been more urgent. As a country, we are still battling against destructive patterns established during Apartheid, which continue to manifest themselves in modern South African life: ‘riot’, ‘strike’, ‘murder’, 'mob' and ‘massacre’ are unfortunately still a part of the country’s lexicon.

Print advertisement created by Open, South Africa for Apartheid Museum, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: OpenCo - The Open Collaboration, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Louis Gavin
Executive Creative Director: Rob Rutherford
Creative Director: Darren Borrino
Strategist: Sean Donovan
Art Directors: Sheldon Stewart, Darren Borrino
Copywriter: Rob Rutherford
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