Somebody misses you

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November 2008
Amtrak:  Somebody misses you


Print advertisement created by Arnold, United States for Amtrak, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Washington, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Woody Kay
Associate Creative Directors: Lisa Biskin
Art Director: Tracy Nenna
Copywriters: Lisa Biskin
Photographer: Jim Smithson
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Carlos Garcia's picture

So what?
What does this headline tell me about the product?
C'mon people, work harder!

Carlos Garcia
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matks's picture

The idea is almost non-existing here, so there's nothing to talk about.
However, I really appreciate the photography. It combines attention to industrial details with landscape painting.

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everartz's picture

somewhere somebody! how vague and unclear! its really a bad headline for such a beautiful visual

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Art Director |

| everartz |

sush's picture

well if u talkin abt a train to get u to that person in good time then great ad but i tink since am not from ur place i wont knw wat the company stands for but if i guess right its a transport system then good,if not then u lost me and u are not reaching ur target.

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creative writer and organizer |


Guest's picture

...because you were buried next to the railroad tracks. FAIL.

Guest's picture

Is this an ad for a gravel company? Railroad ties?

Guest's picture

...because if you took a plane you'd have been there two days ago.

shahidali's picture

i think, the ad is working on the psychographic profile of the TG, i.e. the people longing for the old day rustic/pastoral elegance, county life, no hurry days. To me, the communication's brilliant.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


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I think; therefore I am

Guest's picture

Some of you people sound like horrible clients.

Guest's picture

The "show me the product" or "work harder, people" comment cliche is so tiresome. To those who commented with those sentiments here, maybe it's time for you to work harder and realize that modern advertising has far more complex challenges than the old P&G rule books let on.

This is a brilliant ad, beautifully executed - it appeals to an emotional benefit and evokes the romanticism of seeing loved ones by train, a pre-emption of more nerve-wracking options like airports and traffic jams.

Guest's picture

I agree 100%. This is a good ad, despite the moaners.

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