Obituary, Bahman Salimian

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February 2009
Amnesty International:  Obituary, Bahman Salimian


Print advertisement created by Publicis, Slovenia for Amnesty International, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Bahman Salimian
1980 - 2011
Together we can change the future. Bahman Salimian was sentenced to death. Send your appeal against death penalty:

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Creative Director: Gal Erbeznik
Art Director: Petja Montanez
Copywriter: Robert Bohinec
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no comments

sandhya rao
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This is a danger and delicate subject. It´s hard make oppinions just about the idea or the layout.

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no comments

sandhya rao
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waah maharani, aapki meherbaaani. you made a comment to say "no comments". just like a film star yaar. waah. thanks but huh, if you did not put the comment even if you did not have any sensible comment to put, then people, your chaahne waale, your die hard fans would have gone mad looking at all the comments on this page and desperately searching from the divine comments from your heavenly brain. thanks. please keep commenting like this only, at least andar ka kachhra bahaar nahi aayega, yeh 2 word sread karna to fir bhi seh skate hain.

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What Bahman Salimian did it? I have to know before sign a petition against his death penalty.

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Maybe he did deserve to die?

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Have this ad anything special?
Obviously not.
So obvious...

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until we dont know what they did, why should we fight for them

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~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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The advert is asking for your support against the death penalty in general. It's not just Bahman Salimian you should be fighting for, but everybody who is sentenced to death.

FYI google is a great tool to find out stuff:

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