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May 2012


Problem: The problem is that it has no public support because of the prejudice people have towards prostitution. In order to get support, AMMAR needed to change the way in which people see sex workers. All this, with a very low budget and a strong media restriction.

Idea: We reinvented the most popular communication media of the sex industry in Buenos Aires: Prostitute Calling Cards. We turned them into unfolding cards and placed them all over the city. When opened, the cards expose the real life of a sex worker, changing the picture people had of prostitution and increasing the awareness of this issue.

• Prostitute calling cards are being used for the first time ever, not as a communication media to promote prostitution but as a media to protect their rights.
• With a simple and cheap paper print, awareness was raised on this delicate issue.
• Visits to AMMAR’s site increased 30% and phone calls 45%.
• The subject was socially installed for its public discussion.
We reinvented the sex worker’s most iconic media to promote their protection.

Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, Argentina for Ammar, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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