The Impossible Riddle - Grandson

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September 2017
A.L.M.A.: The Impossible Riddle - Grandson


We created a campaign to help A.L.M.A. to spread their duties, but mainly, to generate empathy; because in these cases is more important to comprehend so we can help.

During the creative process, we discovered something very interesting: Alzheimer's disease patients symptoms are much like riddles. They're all about confusion about things that should be easy, as daily activities, family roles and even ones​​ own age.

Print advertisement created by Human Full Agency, Argentina for A.L.M.A., within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


My son was born when i was 30 years old and his son was born when he was also 30. Today i am in my eighties and my grandson came to visit me, but i only see my son. Who visited me?

Is not a riddle, it's Alzheimer's. Understanding those who suffer is the better way to help. Go to and understand more.

Advertising Agency: Human Full Agency, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Director: Peta Rivero y Hornos
Creative Director: Alejandro Casas
Art Director: Claudia Arellano
Copywriter: Cristian Delzart
Planning Direction: Dolores Caballero
Planner: Velen Diaz Keza
Client: Elsa Ghio, Noemi Medina
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