Broken Window

August 2017
Allstate: Broken Window


As a millennial, you don’t think renter’s insurance is necessary. But if tragedy does strike, how #awkward would that conversation with your landlord be? All State Renter’s Insurance has your back so you can be your usual arrogant millennial self even when you write to your landlord explaining the havoc wreaked.

Print advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for Allstate, within the category: Finance.


Dear Ms. Hennings, I promise, I will get the window fixed when I replace your stolen couch.

Although why the burglars stole it will always be a mystery to me. I mean it was hideous as hell, and I assumed that’s why you left it behind. Also, I am pretty sure there were other things living in the couch aside from my cousin (who was totally not living on it for the past six months). Maybe the thieves thought it was ugly enough and took it for kicks. Or maybe, they just did me a solid, who knows?

Coz as soon as I told All State that they stole that monstrosity you call a couch, they cleared my claim. They are also paying for the window those dudes broke. I got a hefty check to cover the cost of replacing the couch, which means I get to buy something that doesn’t hurt my eyes every single time I look at it. I bet my cousin will be very happy.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Art Director: Hanna Petersson
Copywriter: Chandani Karnik
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