Rainforest protection

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November 2011
Alerj:  Rainforest protection
Alerj Print Ad -  Rainforest protection


Print advertisement created by Staff, Brazil for Alerj, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


The more mankind evolves, the closer it gets its extinction. 2011 - year of rainforest protection.

Advertising Agency: Staff, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Paulo Castro
Head of Art: Bernardo Machado
Art Directors: Felipe Menezes, Henrique Parada
Copywriter: Maicon Silveira
Illustrator: Otávio Rios
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Highest Rated

Takmelius's picture

The art direction isn't doing the idea justice.

Activity Score 205
Creative Director
Chris and Mo's picture

nice idea, terrible execution! come one. I expect much more. don't bring down the standards of your country.

Chris and Mo
Activity Score 26
Art Director at Creative Director
andylefty's picture

Dirty art direction.

Activity Score 4531
Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
andylefty's picture

Gorgeous illustration. I find the flow of information strange.

Activity Score 4531
Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Big McLargehuge's picture

Well, as long as the tree doesn't fall towards us, mankind should be fine.

Big McLargehuge
Activity Score 76
shaun1800's picture

The line has a nice enough thought in it, but the visual doesn't work at all.

Activity Score 293
pierrelastname's picture

what a bad illustration...

Activity Score 2865
Zaidi's picture

nice illustration

Activity Score 80
MicheleVirgilio's picture

It's not so bad.

Activity Score 2617
iambusy's picture

i ag ree with big mac....then it would have been naaaice

Activity Score 2219
Copywriter |


Dharmesh aka danny's picture

Neat illustration. However, it could have been much better. At the end, good job.

Dharmesh aka danny
Activity Score 334
Copywriter at Post graduation diploma in advertising and public relation. Specialization in copy writing. |

Dharmesh Padia

stewart76's picture

Bad execution

Activity Score 234
stewart76's picture

Idea: 5

Activity Score 234
Hadrons's picture

The more mankind PROGRESSES - not evolves...

Nice art, copy needs polish.

Activity Score 6056


morse's picture

Very strong!

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

makelogobigger's picture

strong idea and execution. also, christanity caused everything? just asking:)

Activity Score 470
Abhishek Parikh's picture

The copy as well as the design works for me.

Abhishek Parikh
Activity Score 568
Alex_'s picture

It's a wondeful work !
It shows cleaning what the mankind did and are doing nowadays !

Congrulations for the brazilian, in just one picture, you were able to show the world.

Activity Score 2
Takmelius's picture

The art direction isn't doing the idea justice.

Activity Score 205
Creative Director
umitaydin's picture

Our trees will going to die, if we say stop. It is so clean. Nice illustration.

Activity Score 19
Art Director at Ankara University
sharonjackson's picture

I like it, but it is sort of confusing at first because the rainforest is intact by the seashore.

However if you look at this historically, with the tall ships to the south west and the landscape becoming increasingly destroyed the further north you go then it does make sense.

I fail to see why you think the art is so bad, I think it is quite wonderful.

Activity Score 157
Web Designer/Developer at website and graphic design |


Phil Indeblanc's picture

The illustration is rather nice. Clean/cartoon effect noted, regardless..very nice. The composition is a problem, and as mentioned the copy is off.
Silver? Really? I am fairly new here and with the idea of the site, I'd like to stick around and be involved..., but I don't go for public/popularity vote based judging. It's basically invalid on all levels. ...I would love to see the rest of the contestants.
So, as I said...the composition and oval shape give subliminal signals and a juxtaposition of a weak image, surrendering...besides it looking like a toilet bowl. Sorry I had to bring that up, but psychologically speaking...think about it....The only reference the mind has of this shape is a bowl with lid.
Simply tilting this illustration would strengthen it...You don't have to be litteral with the concept/falling tree etc. that message is clear.

Phil Indeblanc
Activity Score 50
Photographer at yes/NA
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