Trucker Safety, 2

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January 2011
Alberta Office of Traffic Safety:  Trucker Safety, 2


Print advertisement created by Calder Bateman, Canada for Alberta Office of Traffic Safety, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Think of who's along for the ride. If it affects you, it affects your family.
Always buckle up.
Government of Alberta

Advertising Agency: Calder Bateman Communications, Edmonton, Canada
Creative Director: Kevin Barclay
Copywriter: Pierre Chan
Art Director: Nicola Pringle
Photographer: Curtis Trent
Retoucher: Grant Currie
Account manager: Cheyrl Meger
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battlefield's picture

What is this about?

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Duvidl's picture

Pretty neat, the message is relatively clear and reaches on an emotional base...

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JeffGreenhouse's picture

It's a great looking ad, and the message (when you can actually find it) is clear. My biggest issue with it is the size of the text, especially the key message "Don't Drive Fatigued". For a warning message, they have made it absolutely minuscule and hid it in a ribbon at the bottom. Since the visual is pleasant rather than jarring, that takes all the teeth out of the ad.

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TiltedChairCreative's picture

Jeff, I agree for the most part. I think either the type or the visual need to be more stunning. I also feel like the visuals in these ads very much say, "If it affects you, it affects your whole family," but none of them say the little sub line. To better explain, this visual doesn't at all say "Don't drive fatigued" to me. And so, why is that line there? It's almost like they're packing a bunch of stuff in, instead of honing in on one strategy.

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manumartin5's picture

creative social ad.

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Art Director at Infinity Advertising Services Pvt. ltd.
antoniobac's picture

this should be an ambient. It would be cool to see it on a big sticker on an actual truck rather than just another print.

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