Airmail, 2

April 2007
 Airmail, 2
 Airmail, 2


Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Germany
Creative Directors: Paul Fleig
Executive Creative Directors: Wolfgang Schneider, Mathias Stiller
Copywriter: Paul Fleig
Account Director: Andreas Jeutter
Designers: Dominic Stuebler, Mario Loncar
Account Supervisors: Frank Lotze, Frauke Schmidt, Nina Weinmann
Photographers: Peter Schumacher, Thomas Baumann
Retoucher: Jorg Macha
Marketing Manager: Dirk Ude
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Bye's picture

Everyone seems to dislike this series. To be honest it is indeed a bit much for such a lightweight idea, but don't you people have eyes, this is beautiful! To take an idea to this level takes such commitment and it's wonderful to see they had so much of it.

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Beatboxer's picture

I totally agree with you, Kris. Well said.


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philippertl's picture

I like the execution of this one!

For hire and desire ...

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Chocolat's picture

hey...this one is the best amongst all 3. but really...did they have to hv 3???????????

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Art Director
AriesDW's picture

I do like this image, and I get what they are trying to say, again, I do not think it is AS effective as it could be.

I also see the three following issues.

-You can see contrast differences between image and the paper airplanes dropped into it.
-Lighting seems a bit off between the two
-Also - Those planes should be soggy since they are on moist ground. HA HA HA!

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