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Other 2 concept is fine, but this one ??? Is there any energy saving Airconditiong machine?

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do you understand the concept of 'instead'? Or are you too busy discovering one vista after another?

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Much better than the laundry one.

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Use an fan instead of A/C? These people have no idea what 100% humidity is plus 90+ degree heat. A fan can't cut it. More like adjusting the temperature of the A/C to the point where is doesn't run as much, but still gives you cool air.

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You have a point there.
What irritates me is that A/Cs are usually too cold. Very unhealthy because you easily catch a cold and that makes you produce less. Only few people understand the concept of adjusting your A/C to have a pleasant temperature instead of working in a freezer.

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ya.. instead.. can u use a telephone instead of mobile.. can u use nothing instead ur trousers (its also saving something) my point is that, can u live in 100% humidity with 90 degree heat... instead of ac you can't use a fan... if you are living in Antertica... then dont need anything. 100% energy saving...

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this is shit. i would die in my sleep without the a/c. the fan only generates a swirl of hot moist air.

100% humidity here!

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A/C helps lower global warming by making it colder...

Well, probably not but most air conditioners actually help you save on energy.

This ad is wrong.


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