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September 2010
Air Asia:  Surf Menu
Air Asia Print Ad -  Surf Menu


This ad featured in Australia's Surfing Life Magazine

Print advertisement created by Publicis, Australia for Air Asia, within the category: Transport.


Asian Seas Gourmet Surf.
Fly direct to KL from Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, then on to all countries on menu to reach maybe 180 surfs. All very tasty. You go now.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Mojo, Brisbane, Australia
Creative Director: Andy Ward
Art Director: Ian de Raat
Copywriter: Andy Bird
Account Director: Janelle Edmonds
Account Manager: Andy Clifford
Photographer: John Bowden
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Guest's picture

too chinese. not relevant at all.

Colish's picture

Too Chinese? That's prejudice. You should be arrested.

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Creative Director
HappyHour's picture

arrested for being prejudiced? it's a good day to be american!

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Guest's picture

Americans think EEUU is the only thing in the world. Ignorants. But go ahead and talk about their towers and everybody starts caring.

Guest's picture

wow... I guess nothing outside the US is relevant for you. Small mind.

dadada's picture


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Art Director |

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

Phil Lestino's picture

It's a load of BanCOCK!

Phil Lestino
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jackmancer2017's picture

It made me hungry but I didn't really understood the point of this menu cart for Air Asia...

Guest's picture

A deadpan parody of a Chinese menu, complete with plastic lamination from the copy shop next door, and the sort of Engrish that is guaranteed to entertain patrons until the food comes. (Chef choice, no complainings; Name say all; Many populars; Finst cuisine)

Whether it hits your funny bone is entirely personal. I'm surprised they'd take this route. But it's an amusing read, if you have the time.

Prime83's picture


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Creative Director at Huella Publicidad
lahaff's picture

I like chinese food.

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Anonymous Author
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Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

Guest's picture

Would work great as a DM piece, but perhaps this becomes a little lost as press - but still, nice idea. The 'Engrish' impersonation copy is not entirely authentic though and could have been refined a little.

andyStock's picture

Personally, I quite like this.

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Billoughsby's picture

Off the wall in a good way. We have come to expect a travel or booking agency to be wacky (travelocity's yard gnome) but an airline being willing to do something like this is rare, and deserves a kudo or two just for the effort. Funny stuff.

Activity Score 5140
Art Director |

That's it.

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