Mothers Day

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May 2010
Adelaide Zoo:  Mothers Day


Print advertisement created by Showpony, Australia for Adelaide Zoo, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


Give her a real surprise.
Make this a mother's day she'll never forget, with a surprise visit to the Zoo.

Advertising Agency: Showpony, Adelaide, Australia
Creative Director: Paris Mesidis
Art Director: Manuella Ortiz
Copywriters: Parris Mesidis, Andrew Bensley
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Awesome joke

jackmancer2017's picture

Great idea but why the snake? Why the snake!

shortafella's picture

the snake is part of the idea.... the zoo.?

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Copywriter at GRAFFITI BBDO |

LeeHarvey's picture

It's Australia mate, AUSTRALIA!

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Creative Director
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this one seems suited for April Fool's Day than mother's day..

any mother would wet their pants when they receive a bouquet of flowers with a snake in it hahaha!!! she'll never forget it alright.....and its NOT a good thing...

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Yes, get mother-in-law to the zoo and then let her bet there. Talk of a REAL surprise!

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My good! I don't find anything great on this idea... and worst of all: I would never give flowers to my mother if they have a snake inside!

pez's picture

I can't find anything great in this idea! And worst of all: I would never give flowers to my mother if they have a snake inside!

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Creative Director
JamaisVu's picture

I'm not sure any mamas would want to spend Mother's day at the hospital.

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atb2005's picture

The idea is not that bad. I just don't like the execution. I don't like the pinkish background. Also, there's a little too much color in this image.

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TommyO's picture

I'd give that to me wife's mother and go to the zoo myself. :-P

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That's me!

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Awesome joke

Billoughsby's picture

Having returned to this ad a few times before commenting, I begin to get the feeling that most of us are over-thinking it. Snake... surprise... a very simple, old-fashioned idea, really. Overall, the impact is of a cute ad, rather than anything incisive or edgy. I don't think most of us are inclined to leave it lay there; we keep looking for the third flip, the irony that's not really there. I think this operates in a very easy, low-key way that is exactly what it appears to be, and no more.

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Art Director |

That's it.

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You have to hate your mom.

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- "Hey Mom, what about a little trip to the Zoo"
- "Oh Gosh ... you're a good son"
- "Thanks mom"

Verdict : Excellent campaign, a pro choice

Miss Copywriter 22's picture

surprise?? or SHOCK???

Miss Copywriter 22
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Like the idea...can't see why the rest of you don't!

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too much focus on the snake people, get over it,,,,the colours are amazing,,its a zoo... SNAKES do live there ?! its not lterally suggesting you give your Mum a snake in flowers. I love it.

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Great play on the words....think it's quite smart!

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At least I think that was a surprise.

Sushi lover
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Dream needs to be big!

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Sweet idea.
Card/copy is overdone though.

Roger Keynes
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The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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The First thought when I see "Mother's Day" and "Zoo" is THAT'S THE WORST THING TO GIVE A MOTHER: A HOT DAY WRANGLING KIDS. When you get recognition for employee of the month is your reward an unpaid double shift? Motherhood is a full time job and well worth the benefits, but a day at spa while babysitters at the zoo watch your kids sounds like a better option. In that case the visual has to be strong so that the viewer forgets that instant negative response.

It's a fun start, but there was an opportunity here to have a real dynamic ad or campaign. The colors are gorgeous, but there is no movement to guide the eye throughout the entire composition. Negative space is great, but there needs to be enough to seduce me.

There could have been many levels to this campaign such as selling bouquets with a graphic snake printout in the bouquet with tickets to the zoo. A luncheon or tshirts designed for the worlds greatest mother......whatever the case to have that extra opportunity to market the zoo and make mom feel good. It falls short. And this may not be in your control, but creating the most dynamic composition is. The page could have been filled with the bouquet or the total opposite with a great deal more of negative space with the snake hiding in something less busy.

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This Mother's Day, nothing like stroke to say how much you love her.

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