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/// The clock is laughing in my face ///

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Hey Guys... are you serious

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the only connection of this to the product is the word 'walk' repeated over and over again. idea nowhere to be seen and this is kind of strange cause I 've seen some nice staff from Ogilvy India...

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Emotional copy like it

-Where is the impossible?


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Uh, okay.

When I was a junior, I once presented an ad for a well-known running shoe that compared running to drug addiction. Rightfully, the CD sliced me apart for making such a stupid connection. Though the insight was kind of valid.

This ad is just plain lame.

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the 3rd largest shoe retailer....... is proud to be a part of 'such' walks—hhhhulllo. Is Ivan on a holiday?

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The tone of this campaign is all wrong.

"Walking is good therapy. You wear shoes when you go out walking. Therefore, our shoes are therapeutic, and help you overcome depression, addiction, and suicidal tendencies!"

Could've been great, if they'd played it completely tongue-in-cheek.

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