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August 2014
Actron:  Lumberjack
Actron Print Ad -  Lumberjack

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Print advertisement created by BBDO, Chile for Actron, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


In case your body fails to work.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Jorge Espinoza
Creative Directors: Felipe Bobadilla Agouborde, Claudio Ramírez Cid
Art Directors: Marcelo Moya Ochoa, Andrés Cominetti
Copywriter: Felipe Bobadilla Agouborde
Illustrator: Gonzalo Arévalo
Photographer: Sotelo
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Ogilvi Himself's picture

Nice job BBDO

Ogilvi Himself
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Copywriter |

Молчать и слушать!

Spartan's picture

Very nice art! It actually keeps you glued to the visuals trying to see every bit of detail.

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The trouble is, you think you have time.

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alisakalayda's picture

This advertisement is very different from others I have seen. I am not exactly sure if it is a bad thing or a good thing. I had to spend a couple of minutes looking at the advertisement to fully understand what is going on in the image. With that said, I am still not sure what the pill advertised is supposed to do. Wake you up? Give you the ability to be clear minded? Enable you to have power to lift a tree? I do like the creativity that went behind generating this advertisement. There is the perspective of what it must feel like when things go wrong with your “control center” and you end up getting hurt. This add is trying to suggest that by taking this pill you will be able to control things better and this kind of mishap wont happen (how exactly I am still not sure). Overall, this is a great advertisement.

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grugee822's picture

the implementation of this ads have pro and conts either it could be good or worse. The idea was there but i dont get the concept of this ads. Thus it show the effect of the pills or an opposite side, it should come out to give a clear message so it help to convince people to intrust the product not just illustrate the side effect of without take that product.

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Wordsmith91's picture

Amazing artwork. Loving the amount of detail.

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Dreamer. Realist. Critic.

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