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Great art direction and good copy. The message for a rather tough topic is accessible. The only problem I have is that as a "normal" consumer would not really feel like reading it but would definitely look. Why is this in english anyway? It's a french ad isn't it?

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Hurray!! to the Art Director

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so cool. wish my art directors had the same attention to detail, the same love of the craft. felicitations!

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zorba22, atypical singapore cd

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WOW! smart art direction.i like the detail.

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heats off to the ad.
Nice work

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yeh! HEATS OFF TO THE AD! :)))))

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This ad is originally in French. I did not even knoz that they had done an "English" version.

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I loved this....copy and art are superb!!!

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Seems to be the new trend to do ads like these.

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so great it is, the art director takes care in every small details
love it

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Well Done. The next generation of awareness campaigns
mit-u )

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Amazing copy.. Amazing Art Direction.. Amazing campaign..
Hats off to TBWA\Paris.



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This is a great use of art direction.
lovely from start to finish.
I simply love the way they have managed to utilise well known street artist's work and bastardise it for their own purposes.
and hang on... is that a stencil effect on the wall? .. pure geneous!!
it gives you that real gritty, urban sense of aids in the streets, why you can almost smell the diss-used condoms adoring the bottom of the wall and surrounding areas.
gritty and real.


arthur davies
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This is pure filth, done by a designer with no producer to act like an art director over their shoulder. When will people learn that designers are just people who can use Photoshop and Illustrator, they may have artistic skills but I'm starting to see in a way where the Producer's role has come into play with this design I would have pushed for more Stencil Effect and more bad use of bad typography as no one will care about that. Designers are not important just the production line workers in a factory

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wow.... good job

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