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June 2020
Action Against Hunger: #HungerPandemic
Action Against Hunger: #HungerPandemic
Action Against Hunger: #HungerPandemic
Action Against Hunger Print Ad - #HungerPandemic
Action Against Hunger Print Ad - #HungerPandemic
Action Against Hunger Print Ad - #HungerPandemic


The worst may not be behind us yet. The consequences of COVID-19 on the international food system could be far more deadly than the virus itself.
The lockdown periods and the social distancing measures, imposed as a response to the pandemic, have led to serious difficulties in accessing certain food products and many disruptions in the supply and distribution chains. These difficulties and disruptions jeopardize the food security of the most vulnerable populations. Nearly one billion people worldwide could go hungry.
For the first time, people in Northern countries, most of whom have been spared the risk of a food crisis, have had a snapshot into the reality of the countries of the South where Action Against Hunger intervenes. Too often perceived as a far away, unrelatable concept, this reality nevertheless concerns more and more people in precarious situations, even in France.
It is from this point of view that Action Against Hunger France, accompanied by its agency DDB Paris, has chosen to speak on June 22nd.
A campaign articulated around a tagline in the form of a hashtag: #HungerPandemic. The three prints show us scenes that we didn’t expect to ever experience: eerie empty supermarket shelves, creating a fleeting panic, that stayed engraved in our collective memory.

Print advertisement created by DDB, France for Action Against Hunger, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev
Art Director: Maximilien Guibert
Copywriter: Jeremy Burnand
Agency Supervisors: Axel Renaudin, Anne-Charlotte Ruste, Louise Riu
Strategic Planner: Violette Van-Den-Berg
Social Media: Pierre Guengant, Edouard Frapier
Production: Corinne Persch, Bonnie Gauthier, Christine Garcia
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