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Shoot first ask questions later! A god cop is a cop who's shot alot of scumbag villans?

Thats what I get from these ads.

They look awesome.

Highly inappropriate for cops though.

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do you ever look at the illustrations and follow what's going on? shoot first ask questions later? no they don't. it's called "PROBABLE CAUSE" you look suspicious and shady for sure you will get attention from cops. hey bugger try going on a foot beat or a ride along see how hard it is to be a cop. Here in the U.S. being a cop means filling out tons of paperwork on each crime. document, if you're a cop you do something bad you have to deal with the I.A. (Internal Affairs). P.S. do a research on the: Bank of America shooting.

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so what?
just because you've spilled your heart about how though a job it is in the US (and are you as ignorant as to think it's easier anywhere else in the world? does it make the ads better?

I love the art direction.
I dislike the idea. what is it anyway? "being a cop is a tough job"? are these stories really motivating anyone to join? is doing paperwork close to a father who abused his kid what you want to do? or is it seducing more for people who would love to kick the handcuffed suspect and then return to the paperwork?
too many questions, no answers.

andrej dwin
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No matter how tough a job it is, and its tough everywhere, although admittedly in the states it must be worse because for some stupid reason, you guys can buy guns in a shop, I still think these ads are inappropriate, the style is alarmist and like a video game, the trendy graphics.

Also the whole 'us' and 'them' mentality, makes it like joining a vigilante group.

Surely the cops want to portray an image of protection? hmm pixelbomb1?

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