50/10, Bright

February 2007
 50/10, Bright
 50/10, Bright


We were asked by Mohawk to develop a campaign to promote their only line of coated paper, Mohawk 50/10. We focused on the 3 main attributes of 50/10: its brightness, it's coating, and it's affordability vs. other number 1 coated sheets in the industry.

Advertising Agency: id29, Troy, NY USA
Creative Director: Michael Fallone
Art Director: Doug Bartow
Photographer: Mark McCarty / Troy, NY
Designer: Bryan Kahrs
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This is good not.

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If I saw this ad without the title and I never heard of Mohawk, I wouldn’t know that this ad is trying to sell me paper.

Corner Store
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To put in context, this is for someone already familiar with Mohawk paper, sells Mohawk paper, or deals with the concept of selling paper for a living. It is a decorative poster for the people just listed. It isn't posted on Bus stations, it is not in the Subway, and it is not in Dwell magazine. Pentagram did a stunning and award winning job of redefining the Mohawk brand. Why should we screw with that? We decided it would be best to play off of that and have some fun with an already established brand.

sheesh, at least get a profile and have some work to share before you sling the words.

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minus 50/10

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