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Nice, except they're temporary notes. This shows their stickiness, but not their main reason for being: a quick, convenient note.

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disagree. everyone knows what the sticky notes primary purpose is. it's the purpose of the category, no brand can claim uniqueness on it. it's like saying 'Brand X beer - gets you drunk'...a lot of sticky notes don't have longevity, that's the diff. with this particular brand...

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agree, superstickiness is not why i look for Post it.

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nice? i think you meant, old.

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Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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Es muy bueno, no siempre son temporales. Muchas personas lo usan para recordar algo por mucho tiempo.
El anuncio muestra que el pegamento es resistente. Me gusta.

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Not convincing enough. And the "hung on the wall for a very long time" thing has been done to death.

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storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

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I read it that it's so sticky it took the soot off the wall... clever. But, if you read it that it's been on the wall for a long time... old and tired.

I like the "less is more" cleaness of the ad.

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Please, for God's sake, no more Post-It ads. This is garbage.

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Oh, I thought they now have Post-it with wallpaper graphics. Super sticky notes could have been visualized with peeled off wallpaper - but then again, for a Post-it, would you like it to be that super sticky? I don't think so.

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Bad. This is garbage.

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They couldn't get it off the wall, so they just wallpapered over it.

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I don't like it.

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See? Another ad with THE wallpaper pattern!

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simple et efficace

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Man, what a tough crowd!

C'mon, guys, it sells the product, and it does so with simplicity and style. It aint the greatest thing out there, but it's far from "garbage" and "terrible".

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Wow, how rare to find somebody here that actually drops the word "sell". Most of the peeps in here think that advertising is a means to create awareness or promote a product/service. Or an opportunity to do cool creative work that hasn't been done before. All these things are important in advertising, but the bottom line is it is one of many marketing tools used to sell. Sell. Once this "tough crowd" understands that, they'll start seeing ads in a different light.

The post-it ad sucks by the way.

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storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

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i agree with SeanMartin > simplicity and style. (happy to find this on adsoftheworld)

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Simple ideas are the best !

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Cmon, this is post-it and not an unknown product. Every single person in the world know the benefit of a post-it. Stickness, quick-tips or whatever, this is not relevant for the product. Just for doing something different to such a universal product its enough.

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It's okay. I get it. It does its job admirably.

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someone mentioned it being done to death. It has been. So much so, its killed the ad. And the fact that u used wallpaper for the background is a testament to how blant this ad is. So the connection is, its been there for a long time!!? so fucking what! like a painting you mean? lol. Its boring and forgetable. This is a great product, as all post it notes come off 2 seconds on, so pretty please with sugar on top, dont be lazy and recycle, even if the paper it was produced on is recycled! A waste.

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uhm, the benefit of a supersticky post-it? sure. Not for me though. I guess the ad has some visual pull, althought it holds little reward.


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