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May 2009
3M:  Fly Screen
3M Print Ad -  Fly Screen


Print advertisement created by Grey, Turkey for 3M, within the category: House, Garden.


No access until they evolve

Advertising Agency: Grey/Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Engin Kafadar, Tugbay Bilbay
Group Creative Director: Ergin Binyildiz
Art Director / Illustrator: Nezih Icoz
Copywriter: Dogu Gocuk
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Blashyrkh's picture

I tried to get it in more than 5 minutes and by googling too but no luck.

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A stranger abroad's picture

The insect has evolved to fit through the mesh on a flyscreen. I think. It is an idea I guess, but I am unconvinced. The insect looks pretty big, so the fly screen mesh must be too.

A stranger abroad
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Copywriter at Singapore
reactor's picture

Looking at the shape of the fly(rectangular), i think you are right. But the concept looks too contrived . No immediate impact, and need to make too many assumptions in order to make a logical conclusion. Who wants to solve a puzzle to get the meaning of an ad ????

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Dev Kumar's picture

Whatever it is the fly evolved into here, it surely is more than twice its original size. So, the art guys botched up an essentially good idea.

Dev Kumar
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Copywriter at Mumbai
HateOnDave's picture

I got it right away and thought it was pretty good. But I agree that they should have made the bug smaller to show how tight their mesh really is


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i'm with the don't get guys

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designada grafica
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Guest's picture

Definitely puzzling and the graphic is not strong enough to get attention, so I'd say just a huge 3m logo on the page would be more effective.

silvi's picture

Alguna explicación en español?
Somebody explain it in spanish?

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Guest's picture

3M tambien vende mosquiteros... Entonces te dice q ninguna mosca entrara a menos que evolucione y se haga cuadrada para poder entrar...

Guest's picture

If it is a scam, maybe it should have been for other product, like a Bug-killing spray or something.
If it's real briefing work, maybe they should have kept the idea for a Bug-killing spray scam.

Good idea, wrong product.

Guest's picture

O produto é uma tela para insetos, o famoso "mosqueteiro", sendo assim, o inseto terá que evoluir sua forma para passar pelos "quadrados" da tela.

Mantufayo's picture

Es un mosquitero, la mosca evolucionó y se hizo cuadrada para poder entrar por la malla.
El texto dice: No hay acceso hasta que evolucionen. 3M mosquiteros.
No funciona para mi.

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bluebritfan's picture

me gusto la idea, aunque la ejecucion pudo haber sido mejor. es muy grande el insecto y pareciera que la maya tuviese grandes hoyos tambien.

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Advertiser, Copywriter
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can i get ??????????

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tirthomitro's picture

hey cool idea.
very clever. takes the cake.

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they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

willer's picture

We can find out that the shape of that fly is rectangle, just as the mesh of the fly screen.Obviously,this Fly Screen Ad want to tell -------"Want to come through my brand fly screen, you have to evolve to be like that, or you will never get in!"

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Ads of the worlds commenters are incredibly stupid. Me included, stating the obvious.

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just21's picture

the idea is that no insects can ever get through the fly screen unless they evolve and become the same size as the mesh. well a mesh of a fly screen is really small. if a smaller sized insect was used then it would be more difficult to see and realize what it is. so it would mean nothing.

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