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June 2013
ZMG:  Toothpaste
ZMG Outdoor Ad -  Toothpaste


Outdoor advertisement created by Ogilvy, Greece for ZMG, within the category: Media.


The Newspapers
Where ads get more attention.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Frankfurt, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Executive Creative Director: Matthias Storath
Creative Directors: Nico Ammann, Helmut Meyer, Lothar Mueller
Copywriter: Lothar Mueller
Art Director: Nico Ammann
Photographer: Stock Material
Illustrator: Asae Tanaka
Art Buyer: Magdalena Ignatowski
Account Supervisor: Xenia Kern
Advertiser's Supervisors: Dr. Joachim Donnerstag, Markus Ruppe
Account Manager: Fabio Sanfilippo
Graphic Designers: Peter Belz, Annette Schmitt, Lukas Bausch, Asae Tanaka
Retouching: A. Doria Post Production
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im confused.. if the ads get more attention, why is it being covered by the "news" ?

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You're right. The next ad with the golden door works best.

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WOUAH! 1 Chief Creative Officer, 1 Executive Creative Director, 3 Creative Directors, 1 Copywriter, 1 Art Director, 1 Photographer, 1 Illustrator, 4 Graphic Designers and a retouching studio...

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'The Newspapers'... My favorite brand is 'The Running Shoe'.

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none of the ads are solid.

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